Christmas Celebration In Chile

How is Celebrate Christmas In Chile

Christmas in Chile is a significant and heartfelt holiday celebrated with a mix of religious traditions and unique Chilean customs. Here's how Christmas is typically celebrated in Chile:

Religious Observance

Christmas is a religious holiday, and many Chileans attend church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Midnight Mass (Misa del Gallo) is particularly important, and churches are often beautifully decorated for the occasion.

Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes, known as "pesebres" or "nacimientos," are common in Chilean households. These scenes often feature intricate figurines of the Holy Family, the Three Wise Men, shepherds, and various animals.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are commonly decorated in Chilean homes, and many cities have public Christmas trees in prominent locations. Families decorate their trees with ornaments, lights, and tinsel.

Advent Calendars

The advent season leading up to Christmas is marked by the use of Advent calendars, which have small doors that are opened each day to reveal a special treat or message.

Holiday Lights

Chilean cities and towns are beautifully adorned with Christmas lights, and many families decorate their homes with festive lighting displays.


Exchanging gifts is a significant part of the Christmas celebration in Chile. Children often receive gifts from "Viejito Pascuero" (Old Man Christmas), who is similar to Santa Claus.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Eve dinner, known as "Cena de Nochebuena," is a significant event. Families gather to share a special meal that often includes traditional Chilean dishes like "cordero al palo" (spit-roasted lamb), "pan de Pascua" (fruitcake), "cola de mono" (a traditional alcoholic drink), and "empanadas."

Fireworks and Firecrackers

Fireworks and firecrackers are a common part of Chilean Christmas celebrations, especially at midnight on Christmas Eve.

Street Parties and Celebrations

In larger cities like Santiago and Valparaiso, there may be public gatherings, parades, and events to celebrate Christmas. These often include live music, dance performances, and fireworks displays.

Charitable Acts

Christmas is a time for giving in Chile, and many people engage in acts of charity, such as donating to those in need and volunteering at shelters or soup kitchens.

Cultural Diversity

Chile is a diverse country, and the way Christmas is celebrated can vary among different regions and communities. For example, in the south of Chile, Mapuche traditions and customs may influence Christmas celebrations.

Beach Celebrations

In regions with warm coastal climates, such as Vi├▒a del Mar and Valparaiso, it is common for people to celebrate Christmas at the beach. Families and friends often have picnics and enjoy outdoor activities.

Christmas in Chile is a time of joy, family togetherness, and religious reflection. The customs and traditions vary across the country, but the spirit of the holiday is universally cherished.

The Chilean Christmas celebrations are quite similar to the U.S. observance of the occassion, though the weather is quite unlike the temperature Americans experience during December. Naturally, Chileans have a really "warm" Christmas celebration as opposed to cold weather festivities in most Western nations.

The Chilean Christmas celebration is a spiritual affair and is held much in accordance with the true Christian way. Church services are held on a daily basis throughout the entire Christmas season but the actual holy observances begin from nine days before Christmas Day, when Chileans begin a special prayer service along with spiritual preparation known as "Novena" - a Roman Catholic ritual. For the entire nine-day period leading to Christmas, prayers are observed by every pious Christian in the country. A visit to the local churches are made, carols are sung and passages related to the nativity are also read from the Holy Bible. On Christmas Eve, Catholics attend the Midnight Mass followed by a sumptuous dinner with the extended members of their family. Christmas is a time for family reunions and many Chileans seize this opportunity to visit their relatives in distant places and be with them during the festive days.

Prepartions for Christmas start nearly a month prior to the actual festive day. Chileans love adorning their homes with brilliant lights and balloons on Christmas. The Christmas tree is set up one or two days before the festive day and decorated with tiny clay figures known as 'pesebre'. Elaborate scenes from the nativity are put up and clay/wooden figures are used to represent the Holy Family and other religious characters.

The Christmas festivities are incomplete without good food and a plethora of mouthwatering dishes form the items of the Christmas menu. The Christmas Eve dinner traditionally delicacies like "Azuela de ave" (a special chicken soup), "Pan de pasqua" (bread stuffed with candied fruit). "Rompon" and "Cola de Mono", a.k.a. Monkey's Tail are the customary drinks to have on Xmas Eve.

The Chilean version of Santa Clause, "Viejito Pascuero" (Old Man Christmas), is believed to visit every house in Chile on Christmas Eve, riding his sleigh pulled by flying reindeers. As per popular legend, he isa small-sized man who goes down through chimneys or enters through windows to leave goodies inside the stockings of good children and nice presents for them under the Xmas tree.

This is also the day when many people enjoy the nature. The warm climate makes it possible for most to take a break at the beaches, go on rock-climbing or surfing, or even making a short trip to the nearest holiday spots. Everyone wishes another 'Feliz Navidad' (meaning Merry Christmas) on this day!

Christmas in Chile

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