Ideas on decorating your home with candles

It is customary to decorate homes with diyas and candles in Diwali. Due to their present variety, candle decoration has taken a whole new meaning in Diwali. Here is a collection of ideas to place and decorate your home with colorful candles. Surprise your guests and decorate your home to your heart with candles this Diwali.

Candle Decoration for Diwali

On a shelf, or behind a furniture, place candles and then cover them with colored glass. Make sure the dispersed light falls onto a wall. The effect would be similar to a shimmering rainbow. Take care that there is no inflammables around the candle, and place the candles on ceramic plates/bowls to avoid the wax spilling. The effect can be multiplied if you place some diamond cut glass crystals strategically.

* * *

Take an empty cold drink can, and cut out shapes in it. Paint it with bright colors. Cut open the top lid. Then place candles in it and hang the cans in dark places. You will have figures dancing in the nearby walls.

* * *

Diwali CandlesUse pretty candle holders to hold aromatic candles on living rooms, for that lovely ambience. But make sure that you do not use scented ones at dinner tables or kitchen, as they will tamper with food smells.
Create centerpieces with candles. Place candles under a bell jar or in a pretty basket.

* * *

If you are lucky to have a garden or terrace garden, decorate them with different types of candles, but take care that the plants are not damaged by them. Use thicker candles, otherwise the wind might put them off.

* * *

Mix and match your candles as per your desire. One large for the living room corner, a cluster for the living room table, floating ones for the entrance, etc. Use mirrors judiciously to double your effect. Always keep an eye on safety, and frequently check them to see they are not toppled over, and do not fall in the pathway of kids and adults.

Decorative Candles:

A large selection of scented and decorative candles are available in the market, which you should avail of, instead of making from scratch. However, you can further add your personal touch, by decorating them further. There are quite a few ways of decorating your candle and personalizing them:

Paint: To paint a candle, decide on a motif, and practice on a piece of paper, wrapped around a pipe or glass. Always use the finest of brushes to paint, and transfer the paint from the brush to the candle very gradually. Allow sufficient time to dry, and do not touch the paint even after it has dried.

Flowers: Always use natural flowers, and in contrast colors with the candle. Place candle in the middle of the miniature flower bed. You can also float petals in a 'urli' or water bowl, and use floating candles, for a stunning effect.

Glitters: Glitters are a fun and simple way to make your candles special. Just put a thin layer of glue on the candles, and sprinkle glitter. Allow to dry, your candles are ready.

Ribbons: They should be used only on candle holders, and not the candles themselves. Tie fancy knots with different colored ribbons for that bright effect.

Stickers: This is the simplest way to decorate your candles. Just buy some miniature stars. figures and signs stickers, and stick them onto your candles.

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