Pre-Diwali Stress Buster

Diwali seems to close, and you are grossly under-prepared (or under prepared) to keep up to expectations of celebration? Do not hit the panic button. Just cool down, and following the simple guide lines given below. You will be making up for the lost time and will be having a great festival celebration. Happy Diwali!

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Its time to gear up for the Diwali celebrations we all have been waiting for with abated breadth. For some its all set for the party mood with all the perfect arrangements in place. But what about those who have hit the panic button already owing to lack of time? Well, all of you can breathe easy now 'cause diwali giftsTheHolidaySpot team has some fabulous last minute ideas to save the day without missing out the special traditional touch and blow your minds off. Trust me and read on to get set and zoom to the Diwali weekend bonanza!


Whether its a party or a gift ceremony the key word is planning, and planning it right to get all the kudos and avoid a fiasco.

1) Plan according to your convenience and affordability. Categorize your list in details under headings such as "food and drinks" and decor and entertainment, gifts etc complete in details and on priority basis. Review your list more than once to reduce the pressure of buying all the items together.

2) Buy the items than can be stored longer and bought ahead.

3) Making a list of errands is also a very significant part of your planning. So ensure that you don't miss out on calling your carpenter or mason, sending your upholstery to the drycleaners and so on. Don't forget to delegate the tasks to others who are ready to volunteer.
Don't forget to call your priest beforehand if you are organizing a puja at home.

4) A lot of practical thinking goes into party planning.
Work out a bonus plan with your domestic help if any and pay some of it in advance. They will be happy to carry out the extra chores on the D day without any complains.

5) Inviting like minded people is essential to make the atmosphere lively and fun. It will also a convenient to decide on the meal since you already know what their preferences are. However, there will be times when you can't avoid inviting someone who is not in your league, simply ensure that he/she is enjoying with equal vigor and enthusiasm instead of feeling lonely or uneasy amongst your friends .That's a mark of a perfect host.

6) Deciding on the menu beforehand would make your job a lot easier on the event day, whether its a get together with your close friends and relatives or a big bash.
a) Stick to a light menu with dry nibbles with interesting dips for a miniature card party.

b) For a large gathering, order in, but touch up with your own garnishing at home and serve with style in traditional earthen pots.

c) Biriyani and raita is a favorite with almost everyone, coupled with a vegetarian or non vegetarian dish (depending on the preferences), some makhni dal and a sweet dessert and chutni and a fruit salad to give your own special touch with edible flower petals such as rose and marigold to add a puja touch. so you might like to consider that option for a large gathering. It will definitely save you a lot of time that would love to spend enjoying with the gathering. Avoid messy cocktails. Play it safe with wine.
Keep it classy keeping the festive spirit in mind. 



Make sure your list of things that you have already have categorized by now doesn't exceed your budget. Always calculate a budget that will also include the last minute expenses. Its a good idea to avoid any embarrassment among your acquaintance and friends. Its imperative to understand your affordability without feeling much guilty for your expenses. After all its once in a year opportunity with expenses that would be recovered with time and some priceless memories!



Managing your time carry out your plan is very essential. Try not to panic or tire yourself, if you have delayed your preparations.
Go easy on your shopping. Its very important to shop at a rush-free hour. You wouldn't like to make your day more stressful I'm sure.
Make it fun by involving others who are ready to share your task.
Don't forget to buy some trinkets to gift out to your friends who helped you out when you needed them the most.
Avoid using silver table ware unless its a family tradition. Opt for earthen wares instead from any potters colony. Add your personal creative touch to it by applying or painting Diwali motifs with poster colors or silver dust.
Keep an afternoon off to gift wrap the items you have chosen for your loved ones. In order to give it an ethnic look, tie around a band of marigold (if they are available) instead of ribbons.



The following are some quick gifts that you can readily buy and gifts out as invitees or hosts depending on their availability.
An exotic combination of potted Herbs and wines.
A jar of body scrubs, essential oils, perfumes.
Small old world glass jar, hand crafted candles in all shapes, sizes and scents is adiwali silver coin with goddess Lakshmi perfect Diwali gift.
Silver Coins with inscriptions of Goddess to women and silver-money clips to men.
Ready made gift hampers if you are running short of time to shop with more imaginations.



Apply a fresh cote of the paint to the house about a week prior to the event. Make do with splashing your living room with a warm and vibrant color if you don't have the time or inclination to paint the whole house.
Place the ornate framed mirrors intelligently around the house at staggering heights with a focus on the walls or entrance planks.
Place a flower basket full of marigolds on the entrance.
And last but not the least, is the Rangoli, without which Diwali decorations will be incomplete.
Experiment with flowers such as marigold and rose, silver dust and rangoli colors, and also place a scented floating candle at the centre of the design to give an exotic touch to the theme. 

Finally its count down time, So go through your planning list one last time at least four days prior to Diwali to make sure all the points are ticked. And Viola! there's no stopping you!!!!! Enjoy a Fabulous Diwali with all your loved ones and pray for a peaceful and prosperous future.


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