The Hindu New Year at Diwali

Diwali is celebrated as the new year day in the Hindu calendar, across India and Hindus in other parts of the world. A number of traditions and customs are followed to celebrate the Hindu new year. Scroll down and check out the different traditions that are observed on this day to celebrate it as the new year's day.

The Hindu New Year at Diwali

The Pujas apart Diwali is basically celebrated as a New Year day for the Hindus world over. And the customs of wearing new garments and gears and exchanging gifts and greetings have come to be associated with Diwali, probably because of this of New Year celebration. Accordingly most of the traditions of a New Year celebration are all present.

The occasion sees the spring-cleaning and white-washing of houses; decorative designs or rangolis are painted on floors and walls to greet the new year. New clothes are bought and family members and relatives gather together to offer prayers, distribute sweets and to light up their homes.

In today's world when pressing everyday problems are narrowing down our world of relationships, the celebration of this day has its own importance in continuing to maintain the love between brothers and sisters. Thus Diwali is the day of food-sharing, gift-giving and reaching out to the inner most depths of the hearts.

In fact, Diwali on the whole has always been the festival with more social than religious connotations. It is more of a personal, people-oriented festival than anything else, when enmities are forgotten, families and friends meet, enjoy and establish a word of closeness.

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