Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

In India, Diwali is the time for spring-cleaning of the house and to give it a fresh and bright new look with fancy decorations. Every year on Diwali people give a fresh coat of paint to their house and decorate it with something traditional yet trendy. There are a whole lot of traditional decorations associated with the festival of Diwali. These are being carried out since ages and are enhanced every year with new ideas and techniques to suit modern tastes and requirements.

Bandanwar or Door-Hangings

door hangingsBandanwars are a traditional decorative for the festival of Diwali. These help to give a festive charm to the house. Usually people put up door-hangings embellished with embroidery, bells or  mirrors on the main entrance door of the house and also the door of their worship room.
Hang up a bell at the entrance to your house. Let the visitors ring it instead of the electric door-chime. The naturally melodious tone gives every arrival that "puja-festive" feeling.


rangoliTo welcome Lakshmi Mata or the Goddess of Wealth, women prepare elaborate Rangoli patterns in front of the thecourtyards or the entrance of the house. Rangoli is the colourful geometric pattern prepared on the floor with colored sawdust, chalk, flour or rice-grain. A lot of creativity and hard work goes into the making of this beauty. The beauty of Rangoli is further enhanced with the traditional Diwali earthen diyas.

Rangoli is the ritual that people like to follow, but at times it can turn out to be cumbersome. For a simple version, soak rice in different colors overnight; dry in sun the next day. Trace the design with wet chalk and simply fill in colored rice.

Diyas and Candles

diyasDiyas and candles are an intrinsic part of Diwali decorations. People love to illuminate every nook and corner of their house with diyas and candles that come in interesting and artistic designs on the occasion of Diwali.


Decorative Lamps

As Diwali is the ‘Festival of Lights’ people love to add glamour to their house with an extra bit of illumination. Hence, decorative lamps are quite popular. These come in various materials ranging from simple rice paper to glass, brass and marble.

Adorn your house with flowers

flowersOn the Diwali morning, go to a flower shop or order sufficient quantity to adorn your house. The fragrance of the flowers will hold you under a spell. Buy flowers in dozens- the choicest being roses, lilies, jasmines and string them into garlands. It will lend a spiritual enchantment to the puja. Put some flowers in glasses, pen-stands, glasses or almost anything that would enhance the beauty of your house.

Draw Lakshmi's feet

lakshmi's feetA creative way of keeping the enthusiastic youngsters away from mischiefs is to draw Lakshmi's feet in sindoor (vermilion) mixed in a little milk. Let them follow her footsteps up stairs and all over the home, starting at the front door and meandering off to visit each room in turn.

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