Parents' Day Around The World

Their care nurtures you, their love makes you feel secure, their support provides you with the courage to take on all challenges. They are your parents, the best gifts you could ever have from God. Celebrated every July, Parent's Day is that wonderful holiday that attempts to pay a tribute to all parents and parenthood. For children across the planet, it is that fabulous day that gives them the opportunity to fill their parents with the warmth of their love and present them with gifts they would love best. Let TheHolidaySpot take you on a fantastic journey across the world to let you experience how Parent's Day is observed in different nations. If you love reading this article on "Parent's Day Around the World" and want to forward it to your friends, just click here and refer it to them. Celebrate Parent's Day with TheHolidaySpot!

Parent's Day Celebrations Around The World


U.S.A. Flag

In the U.S., Parents' Day is annually observed on the fourth Sunday of every July. Though it is not a public holiday in the country, it stands as that special time that is dedicated to parents and parenthood and the promotion of the ideal qualities of parenting, an objective that the day was established with. It is an occasion that sees excited celebrations across the country, with children giving greeting cards, flowers and small gifts to their parents and even organizing fun filled activities to provide merriment to their parents. The celebrations often have entire families eating dinner out. It is not uncommon to find children making breakfasts for their parents early in the morning and giving them a treat.

South Korea

South Korean Flag

The annual Parents' Day celebrations in the Republic of Korea take place on May 8. The 8th of May was originally celebrated as Mother's Day which later turned into Parent's Day, because the occasion was being felt to leave out fathers and honor only mothers. In Korea, Parent's Day is that time when children pay a tribute to their parents and also grandparents usually with the gifting of a carnation or a rose and the singing of a song themed to Parent's Day. Though it is not a national holiday, Parent's Day is surely a very special time in Korea. In South Korea, the streets and squares of Seoul take on a joyful look on Parent's Day. Everywhere, children and young people try to help elderly people, even perfect strangers, with their kind assistance.


Flag of Vietnam

In Vietnam, Parents Day is observed on every 7th July. Though it is not a holiday here, Parent's Day is celebrated in Vietnam with much earnestness. The celebrants usually consist of children and teenagers who buy gifts, carnations and greeting cards for their parents. Many young ones prefer to make handmade greetings to convey their feelings better. Most love to spend quality time with their parents on this day and even organize some fun activities to give them some entertainment. As in the U.S., many kids try to make some meals for their parents to give them a break from their daily routine.

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