Parents' Day Craft Ideas

Originally conceived as an occasion to honor and uphold ideal parenthood, Parent's Day for most of us has come to signify that special time of the year when we can officially pay a tribute to our parents, those beautiful souls whose love and support nurture us to what we become in life. Make this Parent's Day a truly memorable time for your folks by giving them something of your own making. Go through our stepwise Parent's Day Craft Ideas and construct simple yet wonderful handicrafts for your parents all by yourself. If you like these easy Parent's Day Craft Ideas, you can click here to refer them to your friends and let them enjoy the benefit too. Happy Parent's Day!

Parents' Day Crafts

Paper Flower

Materials needed:

1) Construction paper (or any hard paper) - 1 sheet (9" x 12").
2) A pair of scissors.
3) Glue/tape/stapler


1) Hold the sheet of paper lengthwise. Fold it in half.
2) Using your pencil, draw a faint line 1" from the open edge across the width of the paper.
3) Use your scissors to cut 1/2" strips from the closed (folded) edge up to the line.
4) Fold the two uncut edges together. Roll the paper together lengthwise. A flower-like structure will begin to take shape.
5) Secure the paper together with glue, tape or staples.

Make more flowers in a similar manner and turn them into a bouquet - one that will never lose its freshness.

Tissue Paper Carnations

Materials needed:

1) Tissue paper - 1 medium sheet.
2) Rubber bands.
3) A pair of scissors.


1) Cut the tissue paper into 5 or 6 square pieces, or more if you want to increase the thickness of your flower.
2) Layer all sheets together one above the other.
3) Now fold the square sheets in a wavy pattern (like an accordion or a fan).
4) When you have finished, fasten them all by twisting a rubber band in the middle.
5) Separate each sheet one by one. Work from left to right, bringing all sheets to the middle until you have finished.
6) Trim the sheets lengthwise if you want the flowers to be smaller.

NOTE: You can give your flower different shapes by just trimming the tips of the petals in different ways (rounded, triangular, pointed, wavy etc..)

Photo Frame

Materials needed:

1) A sheet of construction paper
2) A CD case
3) Glue
4) A photo of your parents together
5) A pair of scissors
6) A blade.


1) Cut two square pieces out of the construction paper that will fit into the CD case.
2) Using the blade, cut a smaller square out of the center of one of the squares.
3) Paste the photo in the hole.
4) Put a little glue all four corners of the two square pieces, on the sides that the picture is facing out.
5) Paste the squares on the inside of the CD case. Close the CD case.
6) Decorate the photo frame as you wish.

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