Parents' Day Quiz

Just how much do you know about Parent's Day? Unlike similar events like Mother's Day and Father's Day, this heartwarming occassion is still a lesser known holiday and has not received the attention that it so rightly deserves. If your country celebrates Parent's Day, you may be quite familiar with the occassion and therefore be able to crack our exciting Parent's Day Quiz that we present you here with. If unfortunately you are out of the loop, you can at least give the highly interesting questions of our Parent's Day Quiz a try and inform yourself better about the occassion by going through the solutions. If this Parent's Day Quiz is according to your liking, you can refer it to your friends simply by giving here a click. Have fun!

Quiz on Parents' Day

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Answer the questions below:

1. In which year was Parent's Day established in the U.S.A?

2. Under whose presidential term was Parent's Day established in the U.S.A?

3. Who directed the 2000 comedy hit "Meet the Parents"?

4. In which of these nations a custom of gifting carnations to parents is followed on Parent's Day?

5. In the U.S.A, Parent's Day is celebrated in this month.

6. Parent's Day is observed as a public holiday in
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