Traditions of Parents' Day

With the world turning smaller every day, Parent's Day is now observed with much warmth in several countries. Like with every other holiday, the traditions associated to Parent's Day vary from one nation to other though the objective of celebrating the holiday remains the same - to honor and acknowledge the untiring efforts of parents in raising their children. Go through this informative article and acquaint yourself with Parent's Day Traditions in various nations of the world. To share this article with your friends and near ones, simply click here. Wish you a Happy Parent's Day!

Parents' Day Traditions


United States of American Flag

Parents' Day in the United States is more or less a combination of Father's Day and Mother's Day. The occasion is quite enthusiastically celebrated across the country on the fourth Sunday of every July. Traditionally, the holiday is mainly observed by young children who present their parents with greeting cards, flowers and small gifts. Many children on this day get up earlier than their parents to make breakfasts for them and thus give them a treat. The occasion also witnesses many children organizing enjoyable activities like song or dramatic performances to provide entertainment to their parents. In turn, parents are found to take their kids out for a sumptuous dinner in the evening.


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Devotion to parents and ancestors was always considered the highest of all virtues in traditional Korean society. Hence it is quite understandable how important an occasion is Parents' Day in Korea, both for kids as well as grown ups. Here the occasion is dedicated not only to parents but also parental figures like parents-in-law and grandparents and even elderly people. While adults hand over greetings and gifts (electronic items, medicine therapy and even beauty treatment packages) to their parents, children usually honor their parents and grandparents with red carnations and the singing of songs themed to Parents' Day. Annually, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs rewards exemplary figures of filial devotion on this occasion. In towns, elderly people make it a point to take part in special ceremonies that big temples and other cultural institutes organize during this occasion for their entertainment. In South Korea, the streets and squares of Seoul wear a festive appearance on Parents' Day. Everywhere, children and young people try to help elderly people, even perfect strangers, with their kind assistance.


Vietnam Flag

Traditionally, Parents' Day in Vietnam is celebrated mainly by little children and teenagers who buy gifts, carnations and greeting cards for their parents. Many young ones prefer to make handmade greetings to convey their feelings better. But most prefer to use this day to spend time with their parents. As in the U.S., many kids here cook up early meals and even organize entertaining performances for their parents.

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