More Craft Ideas for Summer

More Summer Crafts

Seashell Sculpting:

All you need:
a bag of seashells
(if not within your reach, try them from a craft or hobby store)
Old newspapers
PVA glue (white glue)
magnetic strips


Cover a table with some newspaper and then set the seashells out. Sort the seashells according to their sizes and put similar ones in the same group.

Pick out your favorite shells and then glue them together to create a sculpture using your creative instinct. Use bigger ones for framing the basic structure. Then fill in the intermediate details using the smaller ones. For smaller details you may keep the basic structure lying on the table for some time giving time for the glue to work on the joints. When you feel the basic structure is secured, go in for the internal details.
Finally you can glue magnetic strips to the back so that they can use them for refrigerator magnets or they can be used for paperweights if they are to big.

Create beach souvenirs to take home

You will need:
box of plaster of Paris
empty coffee can or plastic ice cream pail
paint stirring sticks
paper cup paper clips

Have a carton of plaster of Paris, a paper cup, and a coffee-can the next time you go to the beach, Scoop out a design at least 2" deep in the wet sand. The farther away from the water line, the better. Make sure the tide won't be coming in soon! Connecting areas should also be 2" wide, to safe guard your project from being broken. This will be your mold.

Decorate it with natural objects you collect on the beach. Starting from parts of dry palm fronds to seashells to dried sea foams and dead sea creatures. When your mold is complete, mix the Plaster of Paris. Pour one or two cups of lake, ocean, gulf, or sea water into the coffee-can, or, pail. Add the powdered plaster and stir. The mixture should be smooth and thick.

And pour it over your sculpture before it gets dried up. And do not over stir, however, as this causes the mixture to set up too quickly and weakens the final product. Immediately pour the mixture into your sand mold, spreading it evenly to all areas with a stick, if necessary,

To make a hanger for your project, poke a paper clip halfway into the plaster at the center top.

If the project is large, you may wish to position two paper clips evenly spaced from each side.

Allow the plaster to harden (1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on the size)

Paint Your Own Surfboard:

Painting your surfboard (water) in lively colors and designs, is a great creative fun and very easy to do. Specially, it gives a personal touch to your surfboard and at the same time, an identity of your own among a whole team of surfboarders.

So pick up the paint and varnish brushes. Choose the bright colors including the fluorescent types. And unleash your creative spree for a memorable summer.

Remember, the dye you pick up, should be washable type of acrylic paints and be suitable for any metallic and plastic body. You can also give a plastic coated finishing to your painted board by using three parts of PVA glue with one part of water.

All you need:
a sea surfing board
acrylic dye
(any other synthetic, washable dye to suit metallic or, nonmetallic surfaces)
different sizes of painting brushes
pencil (if you want to create perfect patterns)
ruler (to take measurements for basic drawing)
PVA glue (white glue) if you want to make your own varnish

The theme may range from anything summery. The sea, wooded lakes, bright flowers. Or, anything conventional, like some bright colored background dotted with fluorescent spots, geometrical patterns, or, motifs of fish, shells, and other sea creatures, or, mere patterns of crested waves should also look perfect. You could invent exotic creatures to inhabit a fantastic underwater environment.

Be creative as much as you can. First paint the base of the background. Allow it to dry. Preferably leave it overnight. So you can get started with the rests on the next day. Draw the outlines with a pencil before applying the paint brush.

Paper Plate Sun

All you need:
crepe paper or tissue paper
red, orange, yellow
paper plate
a needle

Paint the inside of the paper plate yellow. This is the body of the sun. While the paint is still wet get started with the rays.

Cut strips of red, orange and yellow crepe paper so that each measures 1- by 2-inch. Glue the paper strips all along the edges to create sun rays. Make sure the heads of the strips jut out in the air.

When finished hang from the ceiling by making a hole at the center with the help of the needle.

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