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Q: What should you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?
A: A har-vest!
John: I was going to serve sweet potatoes with Thanksgiving dinner, but I sat on them.
Tom: What are you serving instead?
John: Squash.
Q: What vegetables would you like with your Thanksgiving dinner?
A: Beets me!
Q: Should you have your whole family for Thanksgiving dinner?
A: No, you should just have the turkey!
Q: Why don't you eat fish on Thanksgiving?
A: Because Thanksgiving never falls on a FRY-day.
Q: What is your favourite thing to make for Thanksgiving dinner?
A: Reservations!
After Thanksgiving dinner was finished, Mort saw his little brother Sid in the backyard, poking holes in the dirt and filling them in with birdseed.
"Why are you planting birdseed?" Mort asked.
"I'm growing next year's turkey," Sid replied.
Thanksgiving Dinner Joke - Pilgrims and Indians at dinner table
The average mother takes two whole days to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner but most kids don't really care. I have taken an informal but exhaustive poll of kids and have come to the conclusion that if Twinkies came with drumsticks, all turkeys would die of old age.
Grandma: What would you like for dessert, Joey?
Joey: Pumpkin pie! Grandma: Pumpkin pie, what, dear? Say the magic word. Joey: I'm sorry, Grandma. Pumpkin pie, abracadabra!
Thanksgiving dinner is a unique experience. It's like an orgy that's rated G.
Q: What do monsters have on their Thanksgiving table?
A: Knives, Forks and Goons.
Q: After Thanksgiving dinner, where did the pilgrims put their trash?
A: In the Mayflower Compact-Tor.
Q: What do you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?
A: A Har- VEST.
It was the first time the blonde was eating Thanksgiving dinner without her family. Trying to re-enact the tradition, she prepared a dinner for herself alone. The next day, her mother called to see how everything went.
"Oh, mother, I made myself a lovely dinner, but I had so much trouble trying to eat the turkey!" said the daughter.
"Did it not taste good?" her mother asked.
"I don't know," the blonde said. "It wouldn't sit still!"
Q: What smells the best at a Thanksgiving dinner?
A: Your nose.
Q: What's the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?
A: The turKEY.
Michael Dresser in his Baltimore Sun Paper's wine column, Vintage Point, writing about the difficulty of recommending wine for Thanksgiving dinner writes:-
Thanksgiving is America's national chow-down feast - the one occasion each year when gluttony becomes a patriotic duty. (In France, by contrast there are three such days: Heir, Aujourd'hui and Demain.)

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