Bed & Birdseed House

A bird house for your friend

The roof of this has such personality. Although your local feathered friends would love this retreat, this is too special to put outside! A gardening friend would love this as a gift as well.Bed & Birdseed House

Large wooden birdhouse (Walnut Hollow)
Wooden Glue-ons:
4 drapery finials
1 finial dowel cap (Lara’s Crafts)

FolkArt Paints:
School Bus Yellow
Thunder Blue
Warm White
Crackle medium

Antiquing medium
½ -inch (12mm) flat brush
½ -inch (12mm) stencil brush
1-inch (25mm) flat brush
1” (25mm) painter’s tape

Foam brush
Clean rag
Medium-grade sandpaper
Tack cloth
Wood glue
Matte spray sealer

1. Sand and prep the birdhouse, then paint the entire surface with Warm White. Use two coats of paint, sanding lightly between coats.
2. Brush two coats of crackle medium onto the body of the house. Follow the direction on the bottle for specific drying details.
3. Quickly brush a coat of Thunder Blue paint onto the body of the birdhouse.
4. On one side of the roof, locate the exact center top to bottom and side to side; mark the spot with a pencil. Draw a light horizontal line at this mark across the roof. Beginning at the center mark and moving out along toward both edges, make a mark every 1½" (38mm). next, locate and mark the centers of the top and bottom edges of the roof ; then beginning again at the center point measure and mark every1½" (38mm) long each edge. Now measure the distance between the center line and the top edge. At half the distance, draw a light horizontal line. Draw another line at half the distance from the center line to the bottom edge. You now have three equally shaped lines. Find the center of the top line and mark ¾" (19mm) to the left and right of this point, then make marks every 1½" (38mm) from those points to the edges. Repeat for the bottom line. Now connect the dots diagonally and rule these lines lightly. There should be a visible pattern of diamonds. Use painter’s tape to mask off and paint one diamond at a time, using School Bus Yellow and the ½" (12mm) stencil brush. Be sure to allow the paint to dry before repositioning the tape.
5. Paint the drapery finials with the Thunder Blue and School Bus Yellow, referring to the photo for specific color placement.
6. Paint the finial dowel cap School Bus Yellow. This will become the perch on your birdhouse. Attach with wood glue, below the entry hole
7. Paint the bottom edge of the birdhouse with School Bus Yellow.
8. After all the paint is complete dry, antique the entire house, including the four finial feet and the finial dowel cap, using the foam brush. Wipe off the excess antiquing medium with a clean rag.
9. Spray the entire surface of the birdhouse with matte spray sealer.

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