Martini Glass

Martini Glass

Use this glass as a companion to Polka Dots Platter to create a chip and dip set. Simply place the glass in the center of the platter and fill it with your favorite vegetable or chip dip. Or , make several of these glasses and line them up in the center of your table. Fill them with tea candles, and they become elegant votives.

Martini glass
Hemp-Honeydew paper (see Polka Dots serving Platter)
Liquid laminate . Scissors
1½" (4cm) circle template
1" (3cm) circle template or ShapeCutter and Circles-1 template
Cutting Mat
¾ -inch (19mm) wash brush

Step 11. Cut Out and Add Circles
Using same method to cut circles as you did in the first step of the plate, cut out six solid 1" (3cm) circles and seven ½" (4cm) donuts from the Honeydew paper. Brush liquid laminate over the base of the glass, using the wash brush, and randomly place some of the circles. Trim the circles that extended over the edge of the base. Set aside to dry.
Step 22. Repeat for the Bowl of the Glass
Cover the outside of the bowl with liquid laminate. Add paper circles in a random pattern. If needed, trim a circle to fit around the glass stem where it attaches to the bowl. Trim away the circles that extend over the edge of the glass. Brush away drips that may from while the glass is drying.
It's better to apply one thick coat of liquid laminate than to overwork several thinner coats. ONe solution for drips is to wipe them with a dry brush.Start the brushstroke at the base of the bowl and move toward the rim. This will remove the drips, and the glass will appear to have crystal-like lines in it.

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