Retro Candlesticks

Retro Candlesticks

Although the glass jars are inexpensive, they can be turned into one-of-a-kind, decorative pieces for your table and take just a minute to make!Retro Candlesticks

Square, corked glass jars, 2
Red candles, 2
Scrapbook paper (see Retro Tray). Small red Checks, Red Polka Dot
Brown text-weight paper
Decoupage medium
Rotary cutter
4" (10cm) square template
3 ½" (9cm) circle template
3" (7cm) circle template or ShapeCutter and large 4" (10cm) square Circles-1
Cutting mat
Acrylic ruler
¾ -inch (19mm) wash brush

Step 1
1. Cut Out Shapes and Adhere
Cut one square of the paper and one square of the dot paper using the ShapeCutter and the 4" (10cm) template. Cut out two brown 3½" (9cm) circles, one checked 3" (7cm) circle, and one spotted 3" (7cm) circle using Circle 1 template. Apply decoupage medium to the back of the squares and center one of each of the jars. Smooth the paper from the center and out. Decoupage a brown circle to the center of each square.
Step 22. Add Paper Around the Neck
Decoupage the 3" (7cm) checked and spotted circles to the center of the brown circles. Cut two strips of brown paper ½" x 4" (12cm x 10cm) and two red spotted strips ¼" x 4" (6mm x 10cm) using the rotary cutter and a ruler. Apply decoupage medium to the back of the one of the brown strips of paper and wrap it around the neck of one jar. Apply decoupage to the back of one red paper strip and wrap it around the center of the brown strip. Repeat for the other jar. Remove the corks from the jars and place a candle in each opening.

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