Physical and Mental Benefits of Chhath Puja

Benefit of Chhath Puja

Physical benefits or photo-electro-chemical effect:

  1. The immunity and resistance of the body of the vratti is improved and enhanced.

  2. Fungal and bacterial skin diseases are healed by the safe emission of the sunlight. This is known as antiseptic effect.

  3. Raktavardhak (increase in combating power of blood): The performances of the white blood cells are boosted with the infused energy into the blood streams.

  4. Due to the enormous influence of the solar energy on the glands, the balanced secretion of hormones is possible.

  5. The requirements and prerequisites of energy are fulfilled by the solar energy directly. It detoxifies the body as well.

Mental benefits or photo-psychic effects:

  1. The creative calmness and tranquility of the soul and mind prevail.

  2. Disturbed flow of prana is the actual origin of all the negative rejoinders. If the pranic flow is normalized then the duration of annoyance, frequency of occurrences of anger and covetousness along with all the other negative emotions can be diminished.

  3. The psychic powers like instincts, healing and extrasensory perceptions are awakened with the unwearied and honest practices. It also depends on how well someone can concentrate on something.
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