Different Stages of Chhath

Stages of Chhath

Interestingly the process of Chhath is alienated into six different stages of the Conscious Cosmic Solar Energy Infusion Technique (Conscious Photoenergization Process), according to the conventional Yoga philosophy.

Stage 1:
Fasting and the traditional practice of being pure during the celebration days refresh and detoxify the human body and mind. This particular stage helps the Vratti (devotee) to receive and accept the cosmic solar energy.

Stage 2:
Standing in a water body, dipping half of the whole body always helps to minimize the leak of energy. The stage also assists the prana (psychic energy) to move up the sushumna (psychic channel in the spine).

Stage 3:
Retina and optic nerves are the body parts through which Cosmic Solar Energy goes into the vratti’s pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands.

Stage 4:
The Triveni, tri glandular complex (pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus) is activated.

Stage 5:
Vratti’s gross and subtle bodies are transformed into a cosmic powerhouse due to the polarization that takes place in the spine. Latent psychic energy which is well known as the Kundalini Shakti becomes conscious as well.

Stage 6:
Vratti’s body becomes a channel which carries out, recycles and passes on the energy into the entire cosmos.

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