Rituals of Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja Rituals

During the festivities, the worshippers want to attain and preserve their purity. According to the ritual of Chhath, they sleep on the floor on a single blanket during the days of Chhath puja.

It is known as the most glorious form of Sun worship. Celebrants pray to the setting sun and also offer their prayers to the rising sun to recall the glory of birth cycle which starts with the death.

The state of Bihar has plenty of Sun temples. The place, located adjacent to the holy pool of Sun, is the best place where Chhath puja is celebrated with lot of devotions and fun. Patna, Bhagalpur, Munger, Samastipur, Dumka, Sahibganj, Ranchi and Rampurhat are the renowned places where huge numbers of revelers celebrate Chhath.

Even though Parvaitins, the main worshippers, are both men and women but large numbers of men involve themselves and observe the celebration. Parvaitins pray for the good luck and affluence of their families and offspring. Once the members of a family start celebrating Chhath puja, it is their duty to pass it on to the next generations as well and continue the tradition. If anyone dies in the family then only the family can avoid the celebration.

Devotees distribute Prasad after the completion of puja in a small bamboo winnow. Sweets (Thekua) and fruits are offered. The vegetarian foods should not include onions, garlic or salt. The purity of the food should be maintained strictly.

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