Chhath Puja Yogic Point of View

Yogic Viewpoint of Chhath

According to the Yogic philosophy, each and every living organism is extremely sophisticated and complicated energy conducting channel. During the practice of CDS the solar bio-electricity flows into the human body while it is exposed to the solar radiations of specific wavelengths. The absorption of the solar bio-electricity is increased and is enhanced under particular physical and psychological condition. The sole purpose and objective of the processes and rituals of Chhath puja are to prepare the body and mind of the vratti (devotee) for the infusion of the cosmic solar energy.

Previously the Rishis of yore used to live their lives without taking any solid or liquid foods. The processes of celebrating Chhath were similar and were inspired by the scientific processes used by the Rishis. During Chhath, the devotees try to infuse and absorb energy directly from the sun instead of taking any solid or liquid food.

Retina is a kind of photoelectric material that releases subtle energy if exposed to light. The energy is transmitted to the pineal gland from the retina through optic nerves. The energy activates the pineal gland. The energy generated during the process has a huge impact on Triveni which comprises three adjoining glands namely pineal gland, pituitary and hypothalamus. As a result of this, the pranic activity becomes uniform. It helps to develop good health and an unruffled mind.

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