Essence and Significance of Sun Meditation

Sun Meditation

It is evident that in the fast and eventful lifestyle of present days, it is quite difficult and tough to follow the chhath process effectively and sincerely. However, it is not impossible to embark on pranayam, yoga, meditation and conscious photoenergization process known as Chhath Dhyan Sadhana (CDS).

Chhath Dhyan Sadhana (CDS): Conscious Photoenergization process

The first and foremost important thing is to keep both back and spine straight in a comfortable position (standing or sitting) facing the sun while both the eyes are closed. Inhale, slowly but completely. But, don't ever push yourselves in making the breathing slow. Make yourself comfortable and calm. Feel and visualize the cosmic solar energy entering into the body through your eyes and end up going into the pineal gland through optic nerves. It charges the pineal-pituitary-hypothalamus complex. At the time when you exhale, envisage that the solar energy smoothly flowing down the pineal gland and scattering throughout your body with a invigorating and stimulating effect.

This is the way the process starts with inhalation and ends with exhalation. This is one cycle. It is recommended and suggested to start with five rounds, which will take only 2 minutes of your time. Increase the number of rounds slowly if your time permits. After you complete the whole process, sit quietly and thank sun for the significance and importance of the solar energy on the human lives. There after spend some time sitting quietly on the lap of the nature and watch wonderful things around you.

Practice CDS for one hour everyday either after the sunrise or before sunset. Age is not a predicament for practicing CDS. Let suppose you have managed some time off for practicing CDS then remember one thing that you should not practice it in front of the Sun. Confine yourself in a room while practicing CDS. A bed ridden person lying on bed can also be drawn and exposed consciously in the solar energy. It is noticed that the health and mental conditions of the person is improved if he/she practices CDS regularly.

If you are not comfortable in practicing CDS in front of sun then you can practice it in a well ventilated room. If you wish and get time then it's better to practice CDS twice a day. But, it is important not to rush in increasing the rounds. Your body takes time in adapting to the process. It also takes its own time to be able to receive and accept the solar energy.

Importance of the periods of sunrise and sunset:

The matter of the fact is that only sunrise and sunset are the periods when most of the people make themselves busy in practicing CDS. It is the time when people can obtain solar energy directly and safely. However, exceptions are always there. This is the reason why people offer Arghya to sun after the late evening and in early morning. During the one hour window (after sunrise and before sunset), the amount and levels of ultraviolet radiations remain in safe limits.

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