Christmas Party Ideas and Themes

Christmas - a time to sing carols, adorn the poinsettia, hear the jingling of bells, make merry with friends and watch the light snow getting accumulated on the ground to form a natural white blanket. This is an occasion to celebrate togetherness, to hold a party and meet up with family and friends and greet them on this auspicious occasion. Each person wants to celebrate Christmas in an own special way. But to plan out a perfect Christmas party is not an easy task. That's why, here, at TheHolidaySpot, we have provided you with some great ideas to throw a splendid Christmas party bash. Don't forget to check out our related sections that cover every aspect of planning a Christmas party. Read through these all.

Various Ideas for Christmas Party

Christmas Party Invitation:

Party spirit starts with the sending of invitations. Sending the perfect Christmas party invitation card to your loved ones is the first step towards celebrating Christmas. Your nearby store might be having some sample of invitation cards, but in case they don't appeal to you, you can try your hand at creating your own invitation cards. Jot down the names of the people whom you would invite for the Christmas party. Make sure that your invitations are sent much before the big night.

Christmas Party Decoration:

Christmas is the time to indulge in beauty and festivity. What better ways to indulge in happiness than by decorating up your home for this auspicious occasion! A brilliant decoration goes a long way to create the right ambience and make your party a memorable one and one that stands out. A good decor is a prime requirement for any party, and a Christmas Party is no exception. Don't forget to decorate your house according to the theme of the party (though the decoration remains mainly the same during a Christmas celebration). Adorn your poinsettia with Christmas greetings, banners, stars, ribbons, bunches of flowers and streamers. Adorn outdoors and indoors of your house to add that extra sparkle to the celebrations. Hanging up pictures depicting scenes from Nativity on the walls of your party zone will set the right mood for your party. To know more about Christmas decorations, click here.

Christmas Party Favors:

Christmas party favors are the best way to show warmth and gratitude to your near and dear ones when they come to greet you on this special occasion. To receive your guests appreciation, Christmas Party Favors will be a good idea. Different types of favors can be hats, toys or trinkets, candy, pencils or other small gifts for kids and some utility items for the parents and other guests. It will be better to hand out party favors according to the theme of your party. See your loved ones smile from ear to ear when they receive your unique Christmas party favors.

Christmas Party Games:

Christmas is the perfect time to organize various fun games to be played with family and friends. It is that time of the year when people can actually sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas party games. To know more about Christmas Party Games, click here.

Christmas Dinner:

This is the most crucial part of the Christmas party. Because, as you know, the Christmas dinner is the main event of the day for which the whole family gathers and eats together. Set out the dinner table with a white cloth which symbolizes high spirits and creates a soothing party aura. It can also be lighted with scented candles and fluorescent bulbs. If possible, a buffet should be laid out and menu should be planned according to the tastes and preferences of the guests and children. On Christmas Eve, people usually gorge on roasted turkey, roasted vegetables, stuffing (or dressing, as it is known in North America), cranberry sauce, bread sauce, Christmas pudding (or plum pudding), and brandy butter. The Christmas cake should always be served at the end of the dinner.

Christmas Party Themes:

Christmas is the time to have parties and enjoy with family and friends. A theme is absolutely necessary for any party. The primary thing that should be decided prior to throwing any party is a theme, so that decorations can be done accordingly. With so many themes to choose from, you must be quite confused as to what kinds of theme idea for Christmas party should you select. Check out our splendid Christmas Party theme ideas.

1) Walk with Music: The Christmas Walk theme can be played with treats such as food items or small gifts like cupcakes, cookies, mini-toys or tree ornaments. Use fun festive Christmas music to get everyone in the holiday mood. This game needs to be played outdoors or in a very large room. Place numbers on the floor in a huge circle. Then have a bowl full of small slips of paper having the same numbers written on them. Have everyone line up around the circle and dance walking while the music is playing. When the music stops, draw a number. The person standing on or near that number gets prizes or gifts equal to that number.

2) Christmas Tree Party: Assemble your tree if it's artificial, or bring it in if it's natural (get an evergreen coniferous such as araucaria and juniper from the local nursery). Make sure to water a natural "tree" (even a potted plant would do) a few hours before and after you bring it into the house in the late afternoon, once it's soaked up the sun for the day. Try and place it near a window, for light and air. Place the pot in a container, when indoors, so that the excess water drains out. Wrap the pot with red cloth and a broad green, silver or gold ribbon. Before the decoration starts, wind fairy lights around the tree, so that every rung of the tree is covered. Buy Santa caps for the children, ornaments and cans of snow spray and let them loose! The ornaments can be papier -mache bells or even cookies.

3) Medieval Theme: You'll do well if you base your Christmas party on medieval theme this year. Giving the medieval look is not at all difficult. Give your party room the look of a cellar and create the perfect ambience with the help of flickering torch lights. Make sure to tell your guests to come dressed like kings, queens, knights, etc. Such costumes are not hard to come by and some can be created even at home with some ingenuity.

4) Movie Theme: Base the entire theme of your Christmas party on any famous Christmas movie, like 'Nightmare before Christmas' or 'The Grinch'. See the movie for getting a complete idea about the decorations, costumes, music, etc. You'll do well to get the help of some of your friends for a meticulous execution of this theme.

5) Humorous Theme: Christmas is the time to celebrate and have lots and lots of fun. What better way to enjoy yourself than through a humorous theme? Make the party room look like a circus and have all your guests dressed like clowns. The party is sure to be lively and cheerful. This theme works the best for kid's Christmas party. These parties are very lively and cheerful. The gusts have happy-go-lucky attitude in these parties.

6) Christmas Carnival Theme: A happy-go-lucky theme for a Christmas party, this has guests can dress up according to their likes and dislikes. Leave it upon the guests to dress up as per their likes and dislikes. The most common costumes are those of Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Cake, or Bells or Snowman. In fact, children look the best in any kind of costume. This year, have a Christmas carnival on your party, complete with the parade and stuff.

7) White Christmas Theme: Who of us doesn't like to have a white Christmas? One of the most wonderful Christmas sights is of the entire town covered in a blanket of snow. So try out the White Christmas Theme for your Christmas bash. Even if you don't have snowfall around Christmas, you can still celebrate a white Christmas by making it the theme of your Christmas party. Ask all the guests to come dressed in white color and decorate each and every thing, including the Christmas tree, in white.

8) 1940s Theme: This is often used as Christmas Party Theme. Make the decade of 1940s the theme of your Christmas party. To get a wholesome idea, watch some old black and white movies. You can take clues from the movies for decoration and costume.

9) Sea Christmas Party Theme: This theme calls for a very watery and wet look throughout the party with guests dressing up as mermaids, fishes and other water creatures. The color that predominates is the blue. Make sure that the color of everything from the costumes to the tablecloth to the walls of your party zone border on the blue.

10) Christmas Carnival Theme: Set up your home like a carnival zone. Apart from the Christmas tree, you can have lighting all around your place. Set up tables with craft items for kids so that they can come up with interesting items like Rudolph nose for everyone, sprigs of holly, stars and bells. Make stuff that everyone can wear and participate in the carnival. Organize a parade and visit your neighbors to greet them.

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