Splendid Party Themes

Christmas is the time to have parties and enjoy with family and friends. A theme is absolutely necessary for any party. The primary thing that should be decided prior to throwing any party is a theme, so that decorations can be done accordingly. With so many themes to choose from, you must be quite confused as to what kinds of theme idea for Christmas party should you select. Go over our splendid Christmas Party theme ideas. Have a great Christmas!

Party Ideas for Christmas

"...Christmas Time
Mistletoe and dine..."

  1. Fast Parties for Busy Folks -

    Arrange for a casserole party . Have an assigned "pot luck" and ask each guest to bring one dish of a dinner. Or you can use a "one food theme" such as soup, chili, spaghetti, stew, pizza, quiche, or make-your-own sandwiches.

  2. Dessert Parties -

    Freeze the cookies that you had made in November for a holiday cookie party in December. Buy a couple of fabulous desserts for an after concert dessert party. Make cupcakes and invite the kids to decorate their own with sprinkles and sugars. Cookies can also be exchanged. Cookie baskets can be distributed to teachers, coaches, or others. Arrange a coffee and cake party, or tea and pastries, or cocoa and cookies for kids.

  3. Santa Parties -

    Decorate with a Santa theme, hire a Santa to distribute gifts, invite neighborhood children to make Santa crafts or cookies, Arranging a secret Santa party can work wonders. Or you can show Santa themed family videos. Ask the invitees to wear red, pass out Santa hats, and have a program of recitations of Santa poems and stories.

  4. Give to Charity -

    Invite a group to work in a food kitchen, collect toys for the needy, deliver food baskets. Explore your creativity by making things for the homeless like blankets, mittens, toys, etc. Make treat baskets for the hospital-bound, collect warm clothing like hats, mittens, coats, etc. Collect and donate canned goods to a food pantry. Help the inmates of retirement homes and homeless shelters set up a tree. Shovel snow, put up holiday lights, or decorate trees for the elderly.
  5. Decorating the outside -

    Invite everyone for coffee and rolls, then go from house to house and have everyone help put up holiday lights and outdoor decorations all over the neighborhood. When you're finished have a giant chili supper!
  6. Let it snow -

    Arrange a snow party. Sent invitations with snowman printed on it. Decorate the house with snowflakes from the ceiling. Make a real snowman outside to greet the guests. Give each child a carrot with their names on it to pin the carrot on the snowman. Make individual snowman cakes for the children and put out an array of decorations such as m and m’s for eyes and buttons, sprinkles, coconut for snow etc. Stuff the gift bags with snowflake themed gadgets. You can also include a package of” Snowman Soup” which is hot cocoa, heresy kisses, marsh mallows and a peppermint stick.
  7. Christmas Forest Party -

    Your kid and his friends will simply love this one. Buy small artificial Christmas tree for each child along with tinsel bows and ornaments to decorate each one of them. Set up a gazebo outdoors, and set up the “forest” under this. Decorate a big Christmas tree at the back of the forest and set up all small trees on the “snow” you can buy for Christmas, in rows, with nametags on each tree. Ask each child to go into the “forest” and find the tree labeled with their name and then decorate it with the articles that they are provided with. A snowball fight wills double the enjoyment.
  8. Chocolate Party -

    Hire a chocolate chef. Give each child a cup of melted chocolate with cookies, pretzels, fruit and a lot of fun stuff to dip and ask the chef to involve the kids along with him in chocolate making.

    Each child should have a definite work area with waxpaper to dry its creations. After they finish, each child receives a box with their names written on it and stuff it with all the chocolates they have made. You can adopt the Hershey kiss theme for the party. Make the invitations on computer with a chef hat and children mixing a vat of chocolate. Use white vinyl table cloths (from party stores) and decorate them with big Hershey kisses. Cut sheets of aluminum foil and tape the word kisses at the top of each one and cut them out like long labels on the chocolate kisses. Since this was a cooking kind of a party, the children are bound to get messy, its wise to buy T-shirts for each with a kiss printed on them along with the name of each one. Before the party gets over, take a group snap. Copy this image and use them as thank.

  9. Christmas Ornament Party -

    It is a very easy party to put together and lots of kids can be invited. It needs to be mentioned in the invitation that its going to be an ornament party. The instruction can be included as part of a poem or indicated at the bottom of the invitation "Ornaments Preferred!". Each child brings an ornament along with him or her. Have a Santa Claus come over to your place and each child gets an opportunity to sit on his lap and reveal to Santa what they want for Christmas. Santa gives each child a bag that includes an ornament and some other goodies. Take a snap of each child with Santa for them to take home. Parents can also take pictures of their child with Santa. This party is actually a no-mess party as ornaments come in a wide variety of price ranges .Over the years your kid will actually have accumulated a number of ornaments that can actually be reused for later Christmas decorations.