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  1. One of the most loved Christmas books is 'A Christmas Carol'. Who wrote it?

  2. Which well-known author of fantasy fiction also created a book called The Father Christmas Letters?

  3. One of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes takes place during the Christmas season. The name

  4. What is the first line of the second verse of 'Angels from the Realms of Glory'?

  5. 'Yule lads' are a traditional part of an Icelandic Christmas. What are they?

  6. The first commercial Christmas card got a hostile reception from some people because

  7. The card was the brainchild of

  8. One fairly modern Christmas ritual is the British monarch’s broadcast to the people on Christmas day. The first was given by George V in 1932. Who wrote the king’s speech?

  9. All through the Christmas season in old England, "lambswool" could be found in the houses of the well-to-do. What was it?

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