Print Your T-Shirts To Enjoy Summer Season

Painting Fundos

Painting on summer gears is a real fun. Be it a summer cool T-shirt, a skate board, or a even a surfboard - painting them up with your own hand adds to their charm. And at the same time your creativity gets appreciated in a novel way. Specially it comes right up to the point you want your gears to be stylish, or even, if you like, wacky.

Painting T-shirt

Decorating T-shirts with fabric paints, glitter and material is fun and very easy to do.

Sea World Fantasy

When you take a look at this T-shirt you can almost smell the salty air, hear the crash of the waves and see the schools of brightly colored fish darting backward and forward in a pale blue ocean. In this design there are only two species of marine life. But you could also add crabs, shells, coral and fronds of seaweed.

All you need:

short-sleeved blue T-shirt
pot of water
large sheet or card
fabric paint (light blue, dark blue, yellow, pink, red, black)
fine and thick paintbrushes
fabric marker pen


  • Insert the piece of card inside the body of the T-shirt. Use the fabric marker pen to draw the outlines of the fish, starfish and waves on to the front of the T-shirt.
  • Paint the waves with light and dark blue fabric paint using the thick brush. Do not worry if the paint does not go on smoothly - an uneven texture will look more realistic.
  • Paint the fish in shades of blue, green, pink and red. The green can be made by mixing yellow and blue. Use the fine brush to paint the lips and eyes. Paint black bubbles coming from their mouths. Mix red and yellow to make orange. Paint the starfish with the orange paint.
  • Allow the fabric paint to dry. Turn the T-shirt over, making sure that the piece of card is still in position. Use the fabric marker pen to draw another fish on to the back of the T-shirt. Continue the pattern of the waves.
  • Use the thick brush to paint the waves with light and dark blue fabric paint. Wash the brush before painting the fish pink with yellow spots. Paint features on to the fish's face and bubbles coming from its mouth.

Decorating with Sunny Sunflower

On the Sunny sunflower T-shirt you can show off your artistic flair for color, shape and texture. In fact, your paintings will be so good that it will be framed in gold. Yet, there is something missing from this paintings - the signature of the artist.

All you need:

large sheet of card
short sleeved T-shirt
Fabric paint (black, yellow, red, light blue, gold)
Fabric marker pen
pot of water
glitter fabric paint (gold)
medium paintbrush


  • Insert a piece of card inside the body of the T-shirt. Use the fabric marker pen to draw the outline of the sunflower and the fancy picture frame.
  • Paint the center of the sunflower with black fabric paint. Use shades of yellow, red and orange to paint the petals. Allow the paint to dry.
  • Use a sky blue fabric paint for the background of your sunflower painting. Take care not to paint over the petals or into the frame. Allow the paint to dry.
  • Using a clean brush, paint the picture with gold fabric paint. For the final artistic touch, decorate the gilt frame with swirls of gold glitter fabric paint.

These two are just universal summer themes and goes fine with anything else. You can paint the same design on your Surfboard or the skate board. But this time don't use the fabric colors. Oil colors are right for this medium. Always test the true tone of the colors before applying them on the board.

Special tips:

Before painting the T-shirt, try out the techniques and the colors on a piece of leftover fabric. This is specially important when using fabric paints in squeezy containers.

Keep the card intact until the paintings dry up. Otherwise the colors will seep through.

And remember to be as much creative as you can. Take a flight in the world of fantasy and catch them all on your T-shirt. You could invent exotic creatures to inhabit afantastic underwater environment.

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