Flowery Summer Hat

Flowery Hat Summer Craft

This is an elegant summer hat draped with fresh flower. Isn't this a nice idea to celebrate the sporting this bright and colorful headgear!


Poster board
a marker pen
one soft pencil
a pair of compasses
(one of those found in the geometry box)
a ruler
transparent tape
twisted paper for decoration


1.Before getting started, fix up the size of the hat roughly.
Tips: Place a ruler flat on the top of the wearer's head.
Mark the two ends that hold the length of the wearer's head with a bright colored marker pen. Read the length. Place the ruler on a paper and mark these two marked-ends along the ruler with two dots.

2. Now, use a pair of compasses to draw a circle on colored poster board. Fix up the pencil from the needle of the compass at a length equal to the one read by the ruler.

3. For a better design, add some 5cm or 2 inches above the length you fix up. Now complete drawing the circle. When the first circle is finished, draw a second circle 2.5 cm or 1 inch inside the first one.

4. Make even cuts up to that 2.5 cm/1 inch deep from the edge of the paper to the penciled inner circle. Cut out the paper around the outer circle. This will help you to bend the poster board along the line of the drawn circle. Fold the cut flaps of paper straight way up. (as shown in the picture)

5. For the sides of the hat, cut a strip of paper 7.5 cm/3 inches wide and long enough to fit around the folded-up edge of the paper circle. Then draw a line lengthways down the middle of the paper.

6.Make even cuts in the same way as before, along the drawn line on the paper strip. Spread glue along the outer uncut side.

7. Stick the glued side of the paper band around the edge of the paper circle, ensuring that all the cut strips are neatly attached to it.

8.Cut a larger circle of card of contrasting color for the brim. Ideally it should be 7.5 cm/ 3 inches wider all around than the crown.

9. Cut out a circle from the center of the brim that measures the same diameter as the crown. Place the crown right way up on a surface, with the cut strips around the sides of the hat folded outwards. Then slide the brim into position. When you know it fits neatly, turn the hat over. And glue the cut strips in place on the brim. Secure them with transparent tape and leave to dry.

10. Add finishing touches with wide ribbons, bows and flowers.

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