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Costume Ideas for Easter

Easter is one of the biggest occassions in the Christian calendar and a popular choice for throwing a party. But if you are planning to throw an Easter party at you own shack or attending one of somebody else, you may already be busy racking you brains to come up with the right costume to wear to the event? Stop taking the trouble and check out our Easter Costume Ideas to choose the perfect dress for your Easter party. If you find these Easter Costume Ideas useful, click here to share this article with your dear ones. Happy Easter!
This section includes some fantastic Easter costume ideas for kids and adults alike. Check these out and make a choice. We plan to add some more Easter costume ideas soon. So keep coming back!


Kids religious costumeReligious Costumes

Dressing up as characters from mythology or the Holy Bible is also a hit. Get your girl into a Greek goddess costume and let her be Hera or Leto. She can also be Virgin Mary or any other female character from the Bible. Boys can dress up as Joseph or a shepherd or even Lord Jesus complete with a white robe, fake beard, wigs and a crown of thorns, all of which can be bought from the store.

Bunny Rabbit Costume
Kids Bunny Costume
A bunny rabbit costume is an eternal Easter party favourite and very easy to make. A white, cream or pastel colored bunny suit with an open face works wonders for infants and even teens. Such suits are loose fitting and have a body piece that either zips up the back or the front. The open face lets free flow of air around the head area and keeps the body temperature under control. These come with trademark bunny ears and are great to give kids that cute look. Girls can go in for the pink plush suits while boys can choose the blue pastel colored ones.

Adults: Men

Alice's White RabbitAlice's White Rabbit Costume

This one is for those who like to get the child out of themselves during the festivities. Wear a white sweatsuit, put a dress coat with tails over this, wear a top hat and complete the look with a pair of bunny ears, an oversized stopwatch on a chain and a pair of glasses. Rings a bell? Yes, Alice's white rabbit can make a comeback through you.

Adults: Women

Sexy Bunny Costume
Sexy Bunny Costume
A sexy bunny costume may be your thing if you happen to like things a bit naughty. Dress up in a sexy tight black bodice, black high heels, rabbit ears, a bowtie and a little white tail! Heads are sure to be turned! You can also try a black swimsuit or a leotard, bunny ears and a tail.

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