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Personalized Bunny Letters for Kids

Celebrated every year sometime during April, Easter holds a special religious significance for grown-ups but for millions of kids who grow up listening to stories of the long-haired bunnies, egg hunts and treasure search games, the season spells pure magic! If you have kids or little ones in your family, why not surprise them with a personalized letter, written especially for them, by the Easter Bunny? TheHolidaySpot brings you here some beautiful Easter bunny letters that are appropriate to send to your dear little souls during the festive season. These readymade bunny letters are free to send, and what is best - you have the option to edit any part of these letters you like. So make good use of these Easter Bunny letters and make the little hearts beat faster this Easter season. If you like this collection of Personalized Letters from the Easter Bunny, click here to refer this page to your friends and dear ones. Happy Easter!

Personalize any of these letters, choose the appropriate background and font styles, select a suitable category and send it out to the mailbox of the little ones you know. It will take just a minute, nothing when you consider the smile you will generate when the little receiver finds mail addressed to him/her from none other than the Easter Bunny himself.

Select a Background for your letterhead :
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Select Font color :
Select Font style :
Select Font Size :
Choose a pre-written Bunny Letter. You would be able to edit it at will. You can also delete the full text and write on your own :

Easter Bunny Letters for Kids

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