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Easter Around The World - Easter Traditions in Different Countries

How is Easter celebrated around the world? Easter is a religious Christian festival that is celebrated by Christians worldwide. Easter is one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar, celebrated throughout the world with great pomp and show. In fact, due to the lively appeal of the festival, even some non Christians celebrate it. Learn how Easter is celebrated in countries all over the world. Here we give an account of how Easter is celebrated in different parts of the world. Welcome to the Easter celebrations around the world.

Easter Traditions and Celebrations From Around the World

Easter Celebration around the world

The celebration of Easter is the celebration of the triumph of life over death. Dedicated to the honor of Christ who gave his life for the sins of His loved ones, it is a great festival to the Christians all over the world. It is joyous because it was on Easter He had shown himself. There are a few things, such as the Easter eggs, bunnies and chocolates that are common to Easter celebrations all over the world.

Most Christians observe Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the first day of spring. People celebrate spring the world over. Check out some of our favorite Easter traditions! Meanwhile, the eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate Easter later because of additional factors in calculating the date of Easter.

All over the world, the customs of the Easter season are more or less alike. The Lenten penance and fasting; carnivals, egg exchanging, eating, decorating and egg hunts. Also there are Passion Plays and Easter parades. However, some follow customs that are special to their country.

Check How Easter is celebrated around the world:

Easter Celebrations in Africa

Easter Celebration in Africe

In Africa, Easter is celebrated as a main function of the Christian communities. In the Easter Vigil hundreds of people assemble in the church building. In most parish churches the Easter Vigil is anticipated, because there are no lights, usually beginning at 3pm and finishing at dark, around 6pm.


Easter Celebrations in Australia

Easter Celebration in Australia

Australia is a wonderful country with people from different parts of the world. So, Easter is celebrated in a variety of ways.The main day of celebration of families of Anglo-Irish backgrounds is Easter Sunday. Some people go to church services and have hot cross buns for breakfast. These are a sweet fruit bun, which may have a cross on top. Children exchange Easter eggs, which are usually made of chocolate. Some are now made from sugar and have little toys inside. The chocolate eggs are available in an egg shape, from tiny little ones to giant ones. Some chocolate eggs are also in the shape of cheeky looking rabbits. In recent years....


Easter Celebrations in Europe

Easter Celebration in Europe

The entire Europe, all its countries, celebrate Easter as a major national festival. In many parts of Europe, huge bonfires are lighted on hilltops and in churchyards on Easter Eve. They are sometimes called Judas fires, because effigies of Judas Iscariot are frequently burned in them. The Easter bonfires predate Christianity and were originally intended to celebrate the arrival of spring. The burning effigy once symbolized winter.

How Easter is celebrated in UK, Italy, France, Netherland, Germany, Sweden and more »

Easter Celebrations in Mexico

Easter Celebration in Mexico

Easter celebration in Mexico is held as a combination of two separate big observances - Semana Santa and Pascua. The former means the whole of the Holy Week - Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday. And the Pascua is the observance for the period from the Resurrection Sunday to the following Saturday. For most Mexicans, this two-week period is the time for a great vacation. People enjoy this time with the community of their choice.


Easter Celebration in the United States of America (USA)

Easter Celebration in America

Easter celebrations in America is no different from other Christian countries, only that there is more fanfare, celebrations, and some special activities like most nuptial bonds happen during this period. The most popular church day is Easter, and not Christmas.

Easter is second only to Halloween, when it comes to consumption of candy.

Some traditions exclusive to United States of America, for Easter celebrations:

Capitol Church holds a dawn service (sunrise service) at Washington Lincoln Memorial. Many other churches hold special services and vigils the night before, so that they call all greet the rising Easter sun, commemorating the resurrection.


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