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Easter Fast

Christians across the globe celebrate the festival of Easter with equal zeal and vigor. The festival is observed in order to venerate the holy resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thus on the Easter Sunday, the day begins with religious church services, prayers and hymns and finally wraps up with feasting and celebration. As this day comes after a long phase of bereavement and mourning hence this day is celebrated with extreme Performing Easter Prayerhappiness and delight. Amidst this celebration and feasting, fasting is as well observed. Continue reading in order to explore for yourself about how the Easter fast is observed.

Fasting before the Easter has been practiced as long as the 4th Century. This phase of Easter fasting is popularly known as ‘Lent’ and is generally observed for a 40 days span. However should be noted that different Christians fast in different ways and on different days. The Protestants fast for about 7 weeks to the Easter Sunday i.e. till the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Roman Catholics also fast in a similar way; however their fast formally ends by sundown on the Holy Thursday. However, in some specific regions people of certain legacy do not fast at all, similar to that group of Protestants do not practice fasting before Easter. Also, it is very clear from the religious sayings fasting is not at all mandatory according to Christian rituals.

However there are several reasons as to why Easter fast is observed. The fasting that is observed before Easter can be inferred in many ways. Some scholars believe it has to do with what Jesus said to Matthew. According to his verse, Jesus could foresee his death thus strongly recommended his disciples not to fast until he returns to the Father. He further advised his disciples that till the time he is on earth, his disciples should rejoice with him. Hence for this reason, when Jesus finally left for his heavenly abode his entire group disciples fasted to commemorate his death.

Moreover fasting before the Easter is also a way to thank God. Thus by means of fasting one can express one’s gratitude towards the Lord. Since it is only because of his chaste love and forgiveness for his disciples, we are blessed with this beautiful life. So, fasting in a way is to express one’s love and faith in the Almighty. It is a way of expressing love by overcoming the basic amenities of life and integrating it with the Almighty so that one’s sins and mistakes could be forgiven and thus piousness is induced in one’s soul.

Further it is believed that Easter fasting serves as a sign of yielding to God’s works and finally trusting him for a major change. Thus in case of crisis, whatever form it may be- financial needs, sickness, broken relationships, or anything which might prove tormenting, fasting is the simplest way of turning towards the almighty so that in a way we can seek his divine blessings. Thus throughout the process of fasting, one remembers God at every step and that is why it is also the best time to claim some vital promises from him for our lives.

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