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The Lovely Lily of Easter

The white lily, though an integral part of Easter, has taken a backseat due to the onslaught of the bunny and the decorated eggs. Learn the significance of Easter white lily here, and share it with your friends.

Who doesn't love to have the nice white lily as part of the Easter gift?

In fact, the lovely white trumpet lily has been enjoying a great favor in being included as a principal item for church decoration for quite some time. A perfect gift of nature to beautify our Easter. Isn't it?

But its acceptance in America, as such, dates back around the 1800s. It came in with the rise in the Easter observances by the Protestants in America. And, strange, it took some more time to find a widespread acceptance. LilyFor, the early Americans those days were not used to seeing a lily waiting to be picked up for the Easter decor. The native American lilies, for example, the garden or, Madonna lily, bloom in the early summer. Though it could be forced to bloom earlier using the hothouse conditions, the hassles associated did not allow it to be accepted widely.And custom did not find a widespread growth until a lily was imported.

In the 1880s, while in Bermuda, Ms Thomas P Sargent became familiar with a beautiful lily that blooms naturally in springtime. She just fell for this lovely white 'Bermuda' lily. She brought its bulbs in back home in Philadelphia. There, a nursery man, called William Harris, fostered its popularity among other florists.

Following this it did not take long for the flower to win the hearts of million to be the main flower of the Easter floral arrangements.

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