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The Easter Donkey

(Luke 19:29 to 36)

Once upon a time there lived just out side of Bethany, a good and kind young boy named Nun. Who was his fathers pride and joy.

When Nun turned 13, his father bought him a Donkey.

The Easter Donkey

Nun loved that Donkey very much. He washed and brushed him every day, and took him for long walks to show him off to his friends. Nun would not let any one ride him. Some times when his friends asked to ride him and Nun would not let them, they would get mad at Nun and would not talk to him for days.

Every day Nun told his Donkey he was special. Nun could sense the Donkey knew he was special because he would smile at Nun.

One day when Nuns parents had gone into town to do some shopping, two men came by and began undoing the rope from the post the Donkey was tied to. The Donkey did not resist as he always did around strangers but went willingly.

Some people standing there asked, "What are you doing, untying that Donkey"?

They said, "The Master needs him, we will return him shortly."

Not long after wards, Nun and his family heard a lot of noise some distance away. So they went to see what all the noise was about. Riding on Nun's Donkey was Jesus. People were spreading Blankets and Palms in front of Nuns Donkey. The Donkey looked at Nun with a big proud smile. Now Nun knew why his Donkey was so special.

Written by
Ann Lovato
Lyman, Nebraska

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