About the Menorah

Menorah plays an important role in Hanukkah celebration. In Hebrew, the word Menorah means "Lamp". This special lamp has eight branches for eight different oil lamps or eight candles.

Background story

Hanukkah commemorates the very important Jewish revolt against the Seleucid monarchy.
Jews realized that the olive oil had the enough power to light the menorah for one day. But, surprisingly the oil lasted for eight long days before obtaining the new oil supply. The Hanukkah menorah has eight branches for eight different oil lamps or eight candles.

The lamp is popularly known as "Hanukkah Menorah" in English- speaking Diaspora but commonly, people know it as "Menorah" in short. In Modern Hebrew Menorah is renowned as Chanukkiyah. "Lamp" is the simple meaning of Menorah in Hebrew. At the end of nineteenth century, the term, chanukkiyah was used by the wife of Eliezer Ben Yehuda in Jerusalem.

Modern menorah
Modern menorah, is gaining popularity for its less traditional designs. A number of new designs are coming out these days. There are few websites which are dedicated solely to Menorah. Modular menorah, the modern one, is very popular. Made up of different pieces, Menorah has come a long way away from the old traditions. Various pieces of menorah can be rearranged during eight nights of Hanukkah.

Public displays

Menorah, often showcased during Hanukkah, is lighted by elected officials of United States of America. The tradition of lighting menorah is not new. Since 1979, different dignitaries are participating in the propitious occasion of lighting the menorah. In 2001, the annual tradition, White House Hanukkah Party in the White House, which embraces a menorah candle lighting rite, was started by President George W. Bush.
The House of Commons of the United Kingdom celebrates menorah lighting with lot of joy at the speaker's home in United Kingdom.

Indonesia is the proud host of having the largest menorah at Manado. It's a country with a Jewish population of 20 only. The height of the menorah is 62 feet. Another impressive menorah which has a height of 32 feet and weight 4000 pounds is located in New York. A crane is used to climb up to the top of menorah for lighting the menorah.

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