Hanukkah Spellings

Spellings of Hanukkah

The most popularly known spelling is "Chanukah" and "Hanukkah". However, spellings of the word differ. Confusion still hovers around. Which word should actually be used for Hanukkah? The matter of the fact is that there is no proper English word is available which sits well on the Hebrew word. Even though it is understandable that it is incorrect to predict the right spelling of the word but it’s not a bad idea to gaze at some of the popular spellings of Chanukah—

  1. Hanukah
  2. Haneka
  3. Hanukka
  4. Channukah
  5. Chanukah
  6. Chanukkah
  7. Chanuka
  8. Hannukah
  9. Hanukkah
  10. Hanuka
  11. Hanaka
  12. Hanika