Why G-d!

The word God is replaced with G-d by the Jews. Giving the Hebrew name to the English word God is a Jewish tradition. It offers greater respect and reverence to the almighty if it is compared to "God". The Hebrew name of the God can't be erased or shattered when written.

However, Jewish law never has restricted anyone to erase the English word "God". But to be honest many Jews believe in offering the same level of respect for both the English and Hebrew words. Jews had never tried to disrespect the English word God but they always had tried to write "G-d" instead of "God" respectfully. To show the enthusiasm and respect to the almighty and Judaism, some Jews also use the exclamatory mark in between G and d ("G!d").

Hebrew Names for God

It can be noticed that over the years the Hebrew name for God has been accruing many customary and time-honored layers of Judaism. Let us look into it.

  • The primeval name of the God: In Judaism, it is a rule that no one can loudly pronounce the Hebrew name of the God, YHWH. Whenever this appears in the scriptures, Jewish always prefers to substitute the word with "adonai" or "my Lord" (the Lord). Jews have always treated the Hebrew word respectfully whenever they have found it in books. Jewish law reveals the fact that the book which contains the Hebrew word of God should not be destroyed or thrown away.

  • Adonai: The conventional Jews never speak the word "adonai" outside of prayer services. The word "Adonai" is linked closely with the name "God". So, Jews respect the word "Adonai" as well. Traditional Jews replace "Adonai" with "HaShem" outside of prayer services. The meaning of "HaShem" is "The name".

  • Other names to refer to the almighty: In Judaism innumerable words represent the word "God" because YHWH and Adonai can't be used casually. Each and every name of the God refers to the dissimilar holy meaning of the almighty. Some of the well known names of the almighty are "The Merciful One", "Master of the Universe", "The creator" and "Our King".

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