Friend’s Secrets

Keeping secrets comes so natural to friends that it becomes a part and parcel of friendship. They are our own soul's reflection, and our soul-mates too. However, you may need to exercise some caution. Here is a relationship guide.

Who is a True Friend? Well the answer is quite complex yet simple. A true friend is one who is completely aware of your weaknesses and limitations yet never take advantage of neither give a good laugh at. He is the one who lends all ears to your deepest secrets yet confides to none. Thus trusting each other is the very essence of a true friendship. Mutual trust may be considered as an important ingredient for a strong bond of friendship. Thus all you need is trust and mutual understanding friends secretbefore you actually start sharing secrets with each other.

The bond of friendship starts strengthening when one reaches his or her youth or more specifically when one becomes a teenager. It is the phase in one’s life when one starts having a personal periphery in life and from where parental interference is duly excluded. There seems to arise many events and occasions in this age which at times cannot be shared with parents, thus comes the urge for a friend. Thus finally those events are shared with a friend with the trust that the friend would never breach your trust.

It is a general notion that only girls share their secrets, but that is absolutely not true for boys also don’t lag behind in matters of sharing their secrets with their closest of pals. The secrets which are most trustfully shared range from various kinds. The topics mostly revolve around one’s crushes, relationships, talks regarding fights with parents, secret missions and hideouts and about anything and everything which are not supposed to be known to others! And for those who think that sharing secrets are only limited teenagers, get your doubts cleared for sharing one’s secret is not confined to any hard and fast rule.

It should be noted sharing secrets are just not for having fun, but can be a way out of judging your bond of friendship. This can serve as a test for testing the loyalty of your friend. Thus if you get know that their secrets are known by others as well though that shouldn’t have been the case, it’s time to wind up the friendship and let the not so reliable friend go. And finally if you feel your secrets are duly honoured and respected, you can surely carry on with the friendship.

Tips of Sharing Secrets
Do not pour all your heart contents at one go; first try testing your friend’s loyalty.

Try not to reveal secrets that may hurt your friend’s sentiments, this at times can sour the relationship.

If your friend shares a secret with you do not even let other get a hint of it, forget about revealing it out.

Learn to respect one’s privacy. Though you may have known some secret of your friend through other sources, do not even think of inquiring him/her.

Never try to force your friends to tell you something which he or she is not willing to. When they feel like sharing, they will certainly share it with you.

Even if at some point of time your friendship sours, learn to respect the secrets those your friend once shared with you. This eventually proves how trustworthy you are as a person.

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