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Forever friendshipFriends are the special ones in your life. They are the ones you connect with, not by the ties of blood but the bond of heart. You choose them over millions of others only because you can identify some part of yourself in them. Friendship Day is the time to appreciate all your friends, all those special persons who make you feel special. With Friendship Day almost upon us again, TheHolidaySpot brings you two wonderful friendship messages to send to your friends. Check out these Friendship Day messages, send them to your buddies and spread the friendship chain.

These special Friendship Day messages are a great idea to link up with all your friends. Right click, and copy the link location from any of the two images below. Then paste it in your email box from your email account, and send it to everyone, whom you consider to be your friends. Do not forget to request them to send it to their friends too, and a copy back to you, if that person considers you to be a friend. Let the warm feelings pass on and you bask on its glory. That way, you too will have a lot more friends soon.

To view the contents, click on them, after you have copied the link address. All of them are multipage greetings, complete with images and poetry. So right click and copy the address now, and compose your email. Spread the friendship chain and celebrate friendship! Liked these Friendship Day messages and want to refer them to your friends and loved ones? Click here and pass on this page to them.

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