Friendship Day Flowers

Not only yellow roses, there are a host of other flowers related to friendship, and each of them come with their own distinct meanings. Scroll below and discover the flowery world of friendship.

Friendship day is the day when you can reciprocate to your friend’s love and care for you. It’s the day dedicated to all friends who want to thank their respective friends for their presence and express their love which is worth reciprocated. You can thus express your love in many ways for instance by writing a poem dedicated to your friend, gifting a handmade card or may be by gifting a bunch of flowers. Flowers are often considered as the ideal way to let your friends know how special they are and to what extent they are wanted in your life. So make this year friendship day as the best opportunity to let your friend know important he/she is in your life. Be sure of the fact that your friend will surely cherish those flowers and will preserve it forever. If you want to know which flower will signify your friendship best, analyse the list below and pick your choice! Enlisted below are names of some flowers and the meaning the flowers hold. Check out for yourself and you’re your friend accordingly.

Popular Friendship's Day Flowers

13 Roses
13 Roses - Friends Forever
Azalea - Take care of yourself for my sake
Bell Flower
Bell Flower (Small white) - Gratitude
Camellia - I admire you a lot / you are perfect in every way
Campanula - Gratitude
Carnation (Pink) - I'll never forget you
Chrysanthemum - You're a great friend
Daffodil Narcissus - You are an Angel
Forget me not - Don't forget me
Geranium (Oak Leaved) - Our friendship is true
Iris - Your Friendship means a lot to me
Ivy - Friendship
Lily (Yellow) - Thank you for everything
Periwinkle (Blue) - Beginning of friendship
Rose (Pink) – For you my friend
Rose (Yellow) – Friendship

How to Make A Friendship Day Bouquet?

A flower bouquet can speak volume. It can convey many feelings which mere words cannot convey. So gift your friend with a bouquet with colourful flowers which should be made by you. Any handmade items seem to get more precious and inexpensive. So here’s some instruction how you can prepare a flower bouquet and gift it to your dear friend.

Collect 13 fresh roses and soak them in a preservative solution for some hours so the bouquet lasts for a longer time.

Then slowly and carefully take out the flowers from the preservative solution and loosely wrap a wire throughout the length of the stems in a spiral mode so that the flowers remain intact and arranged.

The next thing that should be taken care of is to cut the stems from the bottom before you wrap it up in a tape. You can also wrap a piece of floral tape around the top of the wire so as to gift it a neat and tidy look. Once you are done, turn the stems and stretch and pull the tape in a downward direction.

Now wrap the wire around the stem without leaving any gaps and then glue the end of a 1 inch ribbon to the bottom of the flower stem.  Cut off the extra ribbon.

Now add a transparent floral cover to the flowers and you are ready with a beautiful flower bouquet.

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