Friendship Betrayal

True as friends are, betrayals also happen. It is particularly painful, since it comes from a person whom you trusted. However, it is also true that a person can only betray you if you trust them. Do not blame yourself if such an event happens with you, but definitely learn from the incident. Here is some more on the topic

True friends are hard to find, thus most of the time people end up choosing the wrong person for the post of a loyal friend. Moreover in this era of selfishness and cut throat competition between peers, it has further become impossible to find the person who can be blindly and selflessly be trusted upon. Nowadays a budding friendship doesn’t take much a time to wither away. And there are many reasons behind as to why today’s friendship is short-lived and short termed. The prime reason is being the increasing interest of people in gossips and cheap plots resulting from which betrayal of friendship has become very common phenomenon. One more common reason of these short lived friendships is the self- engrossed nature of most of the people. Worst further are the cases where betrayal of friendship is done only to seek materialistic pleasures. Hence to cope up with a broken friendship is really a heart bending task, but life moves on and every hurt is healed with time. Thus you can long for a new friendship which can be effective and evolving.

Accept Reality

There often might be situations when your friends let you down and leave your side when their presence is most required. These are the times when you feel shunned, isolated as well wretched. Your wretchedness might be heightened to a greater extent if the reason friend’s betrayal is just not known to you. You will be which left with a feeling of guilt that might have done something wrong from your side. Thus you will be always in demand for an answer from your friend as to why he is reacting in such a manner. The more you seek for answers, the further things will sour in between you both for talks will end abruptly, phone calls will go unanswered and slowly there will be no contact whatsoever. No one would willingly want such situations ever to come in one’s life however you need to come in terms with reality and accept that things were not meant to be.

Do Not Drag Issues

Though at very prior levels you might feel like everything has come to a standstill position, but that isn’t the end of the world. There are ample opportunities and ways to cope up with the situation. If the friendship has been ended by you, then there has to be reason concrete enough to justify the action you have taken. However there is no point in dragging along a friendship when you are under the impression that the friendship is no more at the comfort zone. So try ending it politely but be sure enough that at a near future you don’t repent for the action taken by you. For if you start feeling sorry for the action then you are surely putting yourself in a mess. So before taking such decision try chalking out for yourself as to why you are opting for this step and try to analyse about the future outcome, your action might bear. So the most important thing is to learn to trust your gut feelings and have confidence in your own self. Make sure you don't end the friendship (of whatever duration it may be) with bitter feelings and make thus in a way make it a bitter experience.

Cry Your Heart Out

If you are not the reason for the souring of the friendship, then this may be hurtful for you. You will be feeling very shirked and lonely and might feel like crying out loud. Don’t be embarrassed to cry aloud. If you feel like cry your heart out and vent your frustration out in every possible way. However if doesn’t not work out well, then feel free to talk to your friends, siblings and people closer to your heart for a better advice. You will feel much relieved. However it would be better if you solve your issues on your own. This will give you mental strength.

Take Lessons

However once you are out of this depression phase, you will be surprised to see that it was not that very difficult. You will soon realise that all you needed was an understanding that this friend was not worth your friendship. Moreover try to take these betrayals as life term experiences that taught you valuable lessons about your priorities in life. So always give a deep thought before taking any decisions and commitments. However, make sure you do not become prejudiced person after all these betrayals for they should not stop you from trusting people and making new friends.

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