What kind of a friend are you

Friendship is precious. But, getting faithful and friendly friends is a real tough task. Isn’t it? If you can know your personality traits, then it would be easier to portray your image in front of your friends. Be familiar with what your birth date says about you as a friend? Grasp the opportunity with both of your hands to know about the kind of friend you actually are.
  1. Born on the 1, 10, 19, and 28.
    A leader like you in the group always likes to be on the move.
  2. Born on the 2, 11, 20, 29.
    Apart from being a wonderful friend, you are definitely a great person and a charmer.
  3. Born on the 3, 12, 21, 30.
    A caring person like you is a motivating friend as well.
  4. Born on the 4, 13, 22, 31.
    Everyone looks upon you for guidance as you are one of the visionaries among the group of friends.
  5. Born on the 5, 14, 23.
    Everybody enjoys the company of an ideal, compassionate and friendly friend like you.
  6. Born on the 6, 15, 24.
    Being an extrovert person, you are known among friends as someone who is full of life. You are the middle man of any happening party.
  7. Born on the 7, 16, 25.
    You are meticulous, friendly and organized. You are someone whom your friends can easily rely upon.
  8. Born on the 8, 17, 26.
    The reasons behind making a very good friend are your determination and fortitude. You have the innate capability to solve any problem in a jiffy.
  9. Born on the 9, 18, 27
    A creative person like you never runs out of ideas. Your friends are lucky to get a restless friend like you.
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