Making friends when you are in collage or high school

Okay, so you are out of school and suddenly you feel you are in a new world, with different people. You want to step into your new world stress free, and what could be better than making some new friends at collage and high school.

  • Even in this online age, it is better to make friends off line, than on online. You can always chat with your off line friend online though.
  • To make off line friends, you need to meet them first, and be yourself. So, some of the opportunities could be.
  • Joining extra curricular sessions.
  • Cultivating your hobby, and attending events pertaining to your hobby.
  • Take up gymming or fitness activities.
  • Volounteer for some social work.
  • Do a part time job.
  • Ask your existing friends to introduce you to their existing friends.

Now, after you meet new people, you need to be acceptable, approachable and appear friendly too, buy not too friendly, as it puts most people off. Check out the following dos and donts, and DEFINITELY check the video at the end of the page.

Tips for Making New Friends

There can be numerous ways for making new friends but to start with, hit on some local community hall or may be some kind of small organisation in your neighbourhood. You will surely get to meet various people there, do open up yourself and participate in any form of on-going conversation. To your surprise, you will be warmly reciprocated. However do not be too conceited or condescending. It is far more important for you to be nice than be interesting, therefore keep your snobbishness under check. Hence, once you get into the social circle, making friends would be a tough job any more.  

Try to look approachable. You need not have to get into your best attires or put on some loud makeup’s. Just try to be what you are as simplicity attracts people the most. But yes what you can wear is an innocent and simple smile on your face, for a smile can speak volumes. Try making eye contact and don't look too tensed and listen to what others have to say.

Accept the people present as the way they are. Do not find unnecessary faults or critically analyse every individual for that may ruin your motive of making new friends. Always remember that no one is perfect in this world and neither you are. So try over looking everyone’s faults and at the positive traits in one’s character. And in case you are not enjoying someone’s behaviour, it is better to avoid than create a commotion.

"Out of sight out of mind" should not be the case. Try to keep all your communication channels open. Don't just sit back, relax and that an old friend will suddenly reappear to reignite the friendship. You take the first initiative. Call them up just to make sure of your existence. Also send them small casual text just to convey a simple "hi". Send an email to your newly made friends, call them as well. In a nutshell communication should be constant factor, now see how you are rewarded back with replies and positive repercussions.

Make sure you show the newly made friends how trust worthy and reliable you are. It should be you who should make the first move. Exchange phone numbers and don’t even dare to forget calling. This gives a wrong signal to the person concerned. Remember, it is essential to show that you abide your words and principles. So when a newly made friend entrusts you with a responsibility, make it a point to give your best shot.

Last but not the least; never forget your old and childhood pals. They are the one who knows you the best and can go to any extent at the time of your need. So just like a responsible friend, make it a point to be in a constant touch with them. You never know may be with their reappearance the need for a new friendship might just wither away.  

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