Funky Bracelet

Funky Bracelet

This chunky bracelet uses ten strands of knitting yarn. You have to hold the threads firmly, or the weaving will be uneven.

Materials Needed:

Cotton Knitting YarnCotton Knitting Yarn
Electrical TapeElectrical Tape
Funky Bracelet - step 1 1. Cut five different coloured threads, each 80cm (32in) long. Fold the threads in half and tie in a knot, 5cm (2in) from the fold. Fasten the threads to your work surface with tape above the knot. Lay the threads out as shown.
Funky Bracelet - step 2 2. Start with the far right pair of threads (in this project they are yellow) and weave them over the pink pair, under the blue pair, over the green pair and under the purple pair. Pull the yellow threads up tightly and leave on the left.
Funky Bracelet - step 3 3. Take the pink pair and weave them over the blue pair, under the green pair, over the purple pair and under the yellow pair. Pull the pink threads up tightly and leave on the left.
Funky Bracelet - step 4 4. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with each new pair of threads on the far right, until the braid is the right length. Tie the end in a knot and cut the top loop.

To make a Funky Bracelet or anklet for a special occasion, you could replace two coloured threads with glittery gold and silver threads.

Funky Bracelet - step 4

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