Hair Wrap

Hair Wrap

These braids look great! Take it in turns with a friend to do each other’s hair. Finish off the braid with two beads tied on to the end.

Materials Needed:

Cotton Knitting YarnCotton Knitting Yarn
Medium Size BeadsMedium Size Beads
Hair Wrap - step 1 1. Cut three lengths of different coloured thread, twice the length of the hair you are braiding. Take a 1cm (1/2in) section of hair and knot the centre of the threads around the hair, close to the scalp.
Hair Wrap - step 2 2. Hold the section of hair away from the head. Select one of the coloured threads and start winding it tightly around the hair and the other threads. The loops of thread should lie very close together.
Hair Wrap - step 3 3. When you have wound as much as you want of the first colour, start winding a thread of another colour in the same way. Keep alternating the colours until you reach the end of the hair.
Hair Wrap - step 4 4. To finish off, thread a few beads on to the end of the hair and tie a knot in the thread to stop the beads falling off. Knot the threads around the hair to stop the wrap unraveling. When you want to remove the wrap, cut off the knot and beads at the end of the wrap and unwind the threads.

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