Hippy Headband

Hippy Headband

Dress up as a happy hippy and wear this colourful band around your head. The more threads you use, the wider the plait will be. Why not make a bracelet to match?

Materials Needed:

Stranded embroidery threadStranded embroidery thread
Large Decorative BeadsLarge Decorative Beads
Electrical TapeElectrical Tape
Hippy Headband - step 1 1. Cut 12 lengths of thread, each 150cm (60in) long. Tie them in a knot 15cm (6in) from the top of the threads and fasten them on to your work surface with a piece of tape just above the knot.
Hippy Headband - step 2 2. Divide the threads into the groups, each with four threads. Continue plaiting the threads until the band is long enough to fit around your head. Try to keep the tension on the threads even or the plait will twist.
Hippy Headband - step 3 3. Tie the threads at the end of the plait in a knot. Remove the tape.
Hippy Headband - step 4 4. Thread beads on to both ends of the headband and secure with knots. Thread another bead on to each end and tie another knot. Trim any uneven threads. To make a bracelet to match, cut 12 threads, each 40cm (16in) long. Then follow steps 1 to 4.

Handy hint

To make it easy to thread the beads on to your headband, wrap a little tape around the end of the threads. This will keep the threads together and stop them from fraying.

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