Jungle Bracelet

Jungle Bracelet

This bracelet is inspired by the colours you would see on an African safari. So when choosing your threads, look out for brown, ochre and yellow. You could choose your own theme, such as a rainbow, a sunset or a season, and select colours to co-ordinate with that theme.

Materials Needed:

Stranded embroidery threadStranded embroidery thread
Large Decorative BeadsLarge Decorative Beads
Electrical TapeElectrical Tape
Jungle Bracelet - step 1 1. Cut three threads of one colour and two of another, each 100cm (40in) long. Tie the threads in a knot, 15cm (6in) from the top. Fasten the threads to the work surface with tape just above the knot. Lay out the threads, as shown.
Jungle Bracelet - step 2 2. Start with the thread on the far left (in this project it is a brown thread). Take this thread over the orange thread on the right, back under the orange thread, through the loop and over itself. Pull gently to make a knot and repeat.
Jungle Bracelet - step 3 3. Continue the same knotting technique as shown in step 2, making two knots on each of the remaining threads on the right, until you get to the end of the first row. The brown thread will finish on the right.
Jungle Bracelet - step 4 4. Take the new thread on the far left (an orange thread) and make a new row of knots as shown in steps 2 and 3.
Jungle Bracelet - step 5 5. Continue knotting the bracelet until it is the right length to fit around your wrist or ankle. Tie the threads in a knot to secure the braid.
Jungle Bracelet - step 6 6. Plait the loose threads for 5cm (2in) and tie the end of the plait in a knot. Thread a bead on to each thread. Secure each bead with a knot.

Easy way to learn

If you have never made friendship bracelets before it may help if you use the same colour threads as used in the photographs. This will make it much easier for you to follow the steps and use the correct threads. When you have mastered a braiding technique, then you can go on to create one using your favourite colours.

Jungle Bracelets

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