Stripes and Beads Bracelet

Stripes and Beads Bracelet

This bracelet has beads threaded into it to add extra sparkle, colour and texture. Use small or medium size beads, but make sure the hole of each bead is large enough for the thread to fit through.

Handy hint

It is a good idea to sort out which beads you are going to use before you start braiding the bracelet. It is hard enough keeping hold of the right threads without having to fumble around in a jar of beads at the same time.

Materials Needed:

Stranded embroidery threadStranded embroidery thread
Small Glass BeadsSmall Glass Beads
Medium Size BeadsMedium Size Beads
Electrical TapeElectrical Tape
Stripes and Beads Bracelet - step 1 1. You will need four threads 100cm (40in) long. Tie the threads in a knot. 10cm (4in) from one end. Fasten them to the work surface with tape above the knot. Lay threads as shown.
Stripes and Beads Bracelet - step 2 2. Take the thread on the left (a purple thread) over the pink thread next to it and back under, through the loop and over itself. Pull the thread to make a knot. Repeat to make another knot.
Stripes and Beads Bracelet - step 3 3. Make the same knots on the blue and the orange threads using the purple thread. You will now have finished the first row and the purple thread should be on the right.
Stripes and Beads Bracelet - step 4 4. Go back to the new thread on the left (a pin thread) and thread a bead on to it. Knot the pink thread following steps 2 and 3.
Stripes and Beads Bracelet - step 5 5. Go back to the new colour on the left (a blue thread). Knot this thread over the first two threads (orange and purple) and, before you knot it over the pink, thread a bead on to the pink thread and then knot the blue thread over it. This knot will secure the bead.
Stripes and Beads Bracelet - step 6 6. Continue to knot and thread on beads until the bracelet is the right length. Tie the threads in a knot.

Fraying threads

The ends of the threads become quite ragged when threaded through beads. To prevent this, wrap a small piece of sticky tape around the ends of each thread before you start braiding.

Stripes and Beads Bracelet

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