Old Friendship

Old friendships are earned with investing time and have stood the test of time too. They are also the most trustworthy. Some tips on how to go about your old friendships.

It is an easy task to find friends, but selecting the true one is hard a task and continue the friendship for a longer span is way old friendsto harder. But for those understand their friend perfectly well, would not find it that difficult to continue the friendship for a longer span of time. Thus some people are blessed to have friends, who stick to each other through the thick and thin of their lives and pledges never to break the relation, even if geographical distance or time poses as a hindrance. Thus a long lasting friendship is not a matter of a day or so. Constant understanding, trust and believe finally enhances the relation further and makes the relation stronger. Thus in order to long last the friendship, equal efforts is needed from either side to make the relation work.

Some childhood friendships often end into long lasting friendship since they are the result of immense mutual understanding and undeterred trust. Very few are indeed lucky enough to have such a long lasting friendship. These are the friends who have been with each other through every thick and thin, these are the friends who have seen each other fail and then rise again, would definitely be true to each other. This kind of friendship is of that kind, which has seen each other laugh and cry and yet stood by each other, thus gracefully accepting each other’s good and the bad aspects.

The bond that old friends share is just out of this world kind. A certain charm revolves around the friendship shared by the group of old friends. No hindrances can actually deter this kind of friendship. One is sure to witness the sparkle in one’s eyesold-pals when they are in the company of some old friends. Childhood friendship is usually formed, when young kids get to know their immediate classmates and neighbours. Although they fight and cry at a very first stage but with the passage of time, strong understanding makes the friendship bloom. Though it is inevitable once they grow up, they form their individuated opinions, temperaments and attitudes and but still old friends cling onto each other and love respecting each other’s feelings and sentiments.

Very rare are blessed with friends who remains from one’s childhood till the old age. And if anyone is blessed with such kind of friendship, then he should preserve it pricelessly. Often, life is compared to a train journey –where you come across many people, enjoy the moment to the fullest and then bid adieu to your co-passengers. Similarly many friends in your life just come and then go but few actually stay back for the entire lifetime. Thus those maintain their friendship right from their school days until their old age is worth saluting. And if ever they are enquired about they managed to maintain with this lifelong friendship, the spark in their eyes is surely shouldn’t be given a miss. And boastful answer can be well expected enhancing true understanding and trust as the main ingredients of their true and old friendship.

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