Answers for Mother's Day crossword
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Answer for Mother's Day Crossword


2. Married name of Beaver's Mother : Cleaver
3. Mother Eve's third son : Seth
5. Biblical Mother of Isaac : Sarah
7. Matriarch of the Kennedy family : Rose
9. In the Bible, she was the Mother of Esau and Jacob : Rebecca
12. Name shared by a religious Mother and a pop-star-
: Madonna
13. Mother of the Greek Gods : Rhea
1. Last name of Gladys, the world's most famous rock 'n' roll Mother : Presley
2. Superstar Mother to Chastity and Elijah Blue : Cher
4. Mother in a Nursery Rhyme : Hubbard
6. Mother of Constantine the Great : Helena
8. Bamm-Bamm's Mother : Betty
10. Mother of Fairytales : Goose
11. Author of "Mother Courage and Her Children" (1941) : Brecht
12. Mother of Lord Jesus : Mary

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