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Mother's Day Decoration Ideas

A festive day happens to be a special time for any human being and mankind had always been keen to give a special aura to an exceptional occasion. Decoration serves this purpose exactly and a careful ornamentation creates a perfect ambience for any festive occasion. Mother's Day is no exception. If you are planning to throw a party at your shack this Mother's Day or just wanting to dress up your home suitably for the occasion, these Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas from TheHolidaySpot will prove useful to you. So check out these Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas and deck your home the right way during the time. If you like our Mother's Day Decoration Ideas, click here to share them with your friends and dear ones. Have a grand Mother's Day celebration with TheHolidaySpot.

Go through these interesting suggestions and give your home the perfect look for Mother's Day.


Flowers make an excellent item for home decoration, whatever be the festival. Deck every room with the flowers your mom likes best, while she is asleep. If she likes red or pink roses, fill vases with bright red or pink roses and place in strategic positions in your house to create the aura of the occasion. Is she loves daffodils, chrysanthemums or irises, place the petals of these flowers in glass bowls filled with water. It will add beauty and fragrance to your home environment.

Pink Roses in flower vase for mothers day decoration


Greeting cards can be wonderful decoration items, provided you use them well. Buy some readymade Mother's Day cards that have some nice messages on them. Strew some of these around your house, on the living room table or over the mantelpiece. Stick some on the walls, or scatter on the bed or the sofa. You can also hang some in a string across the room. Take care that you do not create a clutter, or mom is not going to take it well.

Greeting Card


Festive banners themed to Mother's Day can also be a definite success. Try decorating the doors and walls with banners displaying messages like “Happy Mother's Day”, “I love you mom” or “The best mom”. These will surely give a more exciting and colorful look to your house and let your mom know how special she is to you.

Happy Mother's Day Banner


Colorful balloons are another decorative item you can safely bet on. Cheap and colorful, these pretty things come in various shapes and sizes. Buy a pack of balloons of different colors and tie them all over the place, even in a string across the room where you are celebrating Mother’s Day. You can also blow these balloons and stick little handwritten/printed notes on them displaying messages like "Mom you are great" or "It's your day Mom" or simply "Happy Mother's Day" to give a more personal look.

Balloons for decorations

Sweetheart Garland

Although this garland can be used for Valentine's day, it can also be used for Mother's day decorations. Hang the hearts up around the house or even her bedroom so she sees them right when she wakes up.

Sweetheart Garland