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Tips for Single Mothers

Bringing children up is always tough and if you happen to be a single parent, that too of the female species, the task can be pretty stressful. Without a strong male influence on them, kids can easily go astray but not if you can perfectly play the roles of both father and mother in their lives. On the occasion of Mother's Day, TheHolidaySpot provides you with some useful tips to help you be a better mom to your kids and raise them singlehandedly without a hitch. Take a peek at these assistive tips for single mothers and click here to share this article with your friends or anyone who you think will find it useful. Happy Mother's Day!
tips for single mother

These assistive tips are intended to benefit every single mother who wants to raise her children the perfect way. Check these out to add more joy into your life with your little ones.

Don't Say Bad About Him

If you are a divorcee and your husband has contact with your kids, make sure that they love and respect him. Take your kids into confidence and tell them what went wrong between you two (if that's possible) so that the little ones do not grow up under any delusion. Never say bad things about him before your kids. Just because he could not be a good husband to you does not mean he can not be a good father to your children.

Blow hot, Blow cold

With no father figure before them, it is advisable that you not only Scold them if needed be a loving mother to your kids but also be stern when there is a necessity to get them disciplined. Scold them well if need be and tell them that you will NOT permit them to do certain things. Remember, the full responsibility of one (or more) future adult rests on your hands and you cannot let it go waste. But show your loving side afterwards so that the resentment of your little one(s) does not stay longer.

Manage Time

With you being the only parent, it is understandable that you are the one to take care of your finances. While you splurge your money on them, be careful that you do not do certain things. Never allow your kids to use your money without your consent, never hand them out some bucks to end a quarrel or give them a cash reward to buy treats every time they do something well. The good values these will produce in them will last a lifetime.

Spend Quality Time

Spend Quality Time

However busy you are, you must try to spend some quality time with your kids. In the absence of one more parent, it is natural that your kids will long for your company. At least an hour of a good time together can negate your daylong absence for them. Listen to them more than you talk about yourself. Simple gossiping about the topics of their interest or showing enthusiasm for their preferences will make the day memorable for you, as well as for them. Even when at work, give them a call now and then to show you are always there for them.

Divide your time

A good working mother has to divide her time equally between her home and workplace. Try to manage time as well as you can. Endless chats with colleagues or friends after working hours are not going to help your relationship with children or take them anywhere in life. The more your kids get to spend time with you, the more are they going to learn from you and be emotionally secure with your loving care and support. Your career is important but does it matter more than your kids?

A Hug A Day...

A Hug A Day...

Remember, a hug a day keeps the blues away. A hug and a kiss, administered to your child daily, can make him/her emotionally more stable and give an assurance of a loving presence. Make it a point to give this medicine twice to your kid, once in the morning after waking up and once in the night before going to sleep.