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Mother's Day SMS

If you want to send a personal message to your mom, and keep it short 'n sweet, what better and speedier way to do so than sending an SMS? Sending an SMS is an easy task at any time and this small gesture goes a long way to show your mother that you love her and care for her. It shows that you acknowledge the pains that she has been taking for you all her life. Here, we bring you an assortment of mind blowing SMS messages related to the theme of Mother's Day. Scroll down and go through our simple and heart-touching Mother's Day SMSes. Take your pick and express your feelings and good wishes to your mother dear on this Mother's Day. If you like our splendid Mother's Day SMS section, why not click here and refer this page to your friends? Include everyone in your celebrations and spread the spirit of Mother's Day to all. A Happy Mother's Day to you (and of course, your mom) from all your friends at TheHolidaySpot!

If you have some really great SMS messages of you own, why keep them to yourself? Share it with us and enrich our collection. We'll publish your name here, right on this page. Sounds great, right? So why wait? If you have one right now, give it to us. If you don't, create one and send.

Mother. Probably the greatest gift that one can ever receive in a lifetime. It's her tender hand that rocks the cradle, her selfless love that gives strength, her constant care that help one to overcome all the trying times of life. Mother's Day, the day to honor the paragon of earthly affection is once again at our threshold. Every one of us has a different take on Mother's Day. What are your thoughts on this occasion? What does it mean to you? Share your feelings on Mother's Day by sending a short message to us. It is a pleasure for us to bring to your knowledge that we're holding a short message contest for Mother's Day right here at TheHolidaySpot. Whoever writes the best message will be the lucky one to have his/her message displayed for a whole year on our index page for Mother's Day. So open up! Who knows, you may be our winner! If you want your friends to participate too, you can click here to refer this page to them. Gear up for the Mother's Day festivities with TheHolidaySpot!

Wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

If a mother sees there are only four pieces of cake for five people, she will quickly announce that she doesn't care for the cake.

I don't care how educated you are. I got the best life lessons from you. Love you Mom! Happy Mother's day!

Free Mother's Day message or sms for WhatsApp and Facebook

I wish I could do more for you Mom. Happy Mother's Day! Love you!!

You are the one I miss most, especially when I am alone.

Thank you mom, for being my mom. You are the best! Happy Mother's day!

You are the best mother I know, and the strongest. Be as you are, keep inspiring us. Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother's Day, to my Guardian Angel!

Here is a big hug and kiss to my Mom! Enjoy your day!! Love...

I haven't done enough of this, so I'm making up. I want to say 'THANK YOU MOM'. Thanks for being there.

Beautiful Mother's Day message for WhatsApp or for sms

I owe my everything to you mom, I am only the result of your hard work. Thank you!! Happy Mother's Day!!

I miss you mom, want to be a kid again, in your arms. Happy Mother's Day! Love...

An angel without wings! That's you!!! Happy Mother's day mom!!

Thank you for holding me tight when I need it the mot
Thank you for encouraging me always
Thank you for giving me my aim, my vision
May God Bless you Mom! Happy Mother's Day!!

There is only one best mom in the world, and I have it. Happy Mother's Day!!

I never had to tell you anything, you always knew. You are a sure mind reader :-)
Happy Mom's Day Mother!! God Bless!!

Sweet Angel, its your day!! Happy Mother's Day!!!

Even if I can be half as good a mom as you were, I will consider myself lucky.
Happy Mother's Day Mom

MOM! What would I do without you!! Thanks for being there! Happy Mother's Day!!

You are my secret keeper, my best friend and best guide! Thank you!!

Thanks for always being biased to me :-) My Mom, Happy Mother's Day!!

You were the reason we had a family, and I understood family. Love you!!

Want to thank you for all the innumerable sacrifices you made, so that we could live uncompromised.
Deeply appreciate Maa, all your efforts. Love you!

Strange! How can you love me so much, after I gave you so much pain and those ugly stretch marks!
Happy mother's day and thanks for being my mom!!

You are my best gift Mom, right from GOD. Be there, as always. Love you!!

We have a secret bond mom, and I can always feel it, though you never told it.
Happy Mother's Day!

Know that I will always love you mom, come what may. Wish you happy mother's day!!

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