Say Happy Mother's Day In Many Languages
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Mother's Day In Various Languages

It is the time when she cries. It is the time when she smiles. Yes friends, we are talking about Mother's Day. A day that is eagerly awaited by you and highly cherished by your mother. One of the sweetest events of the year, Mother's Day is celebrated the world over. And you want to celebrate it in as grand a manner as possible, right? This Mother's Day, you can spice up your celebrations further. Wish you mother a happy Mother's Day in many languages. You can directly forward this page by clicking here, or copy the text, by clicking here, and send then with Mother's day greeting cards. Enjoy the Happy Mother's Day wishes in many languages. If you are looking for the word "Mother" in various languages, then click here. Have a great time with your mother.

Mother's Day in Many Languages

Albanian Dita e Nënës
Arabic Eid Al-Omm
Armenian Mayrutyan or
Bengali Shubo Matri Dibosh
Bosnian dan majki
Chinese mu qin jié
Czech Den Matek
Danish Mors dag
Dutch Moederdag
German Muttertag
Estonian Emadepäev
Dari Ruz-e Madar
Finnish Äitienpäivä
French Fête des mères
Hebrew Yom ha-em
Hindi Matru din
Croatian Majcin dan
Hungarian Anyák napja
Irish Lá na Mháithair
Icelandic Mæðradagur
Indonesian Hari Ibu
Lithuanian Festa della mamma
Japanese Haha no Hi
Korean Oboi Nal
Latvian Mates diena
Malay Hari Ibu
Maltese Jum l-Omm
Montenegrin Dan majki
Norwegian Morsdag
Persian Rouz-e Maadar
Polish Dzien Matki
Portuguese Dia da Mãe
Romanian Ziua mamei
Spanish Día de la Madre
Slovak Den matiek
Slovenian Materinski dan
Swedish Mors dag
Swahili Liepstacoq Bua
Tagalog Araw ng mga Ina/Nanay
Tamil Annaiyar Dhinam
Turkish Anneler günü
Welsh Sul y Mamau
Malayalam Ammamar Dinam
Kannada Ammandira Dina
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